Shifting Archives is a Location in Mortal Shell. The library lies in ruins. The sacred tablets once sought by scholars collect dust. Only those blinded by the unfathomable knowledge could inscribe its mysteries with hammer and chisel. These servants remain, but without insight, left to languish as faceless guardians.


Shifting Archives

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Full Shifting Archives Walkthrough

As soon as you enter, you'll find the "With each sacrament" inscription on the ground.


On the left side you can find 1x Slurry of tar and the "A spider Climbs" inscription. Behind the inscription you can find a teleporter leading to a small area with the Foul Censer (Item), which unlocks the Foul Censer ability.


You can also find the "Birds nesting inside" inscription between the scriptures on the left side and "The stone breathes" inscription right after that.


 On the right side you can find a Weltcap Spawn and the "a;laknm,,," inscription.


After you are done exploring, head to the back left side of the room and you'll find Sester Genessa.


At the end of the room you'll see a giant head and a chalice with Nektar. When you drink it, a trapdoor will open beneath you and you'll fall into the Crucix, The Twiceborn Boss Area. You'll take fall damage when you fall, but you can negate it by hardening if you have the Recollection of Knowledge ability.


Once you defeat Crucix, you'll acquire 1x Glimpse of Oblivion and you'll be teleported back to the Shifting Archives main room. Walk to the giant head and use the interaction button to acquire 1x Knotted Gland and 1x Nascent Tar.


You'll now need to head back to the Fallgrim Tower. Head back and fight 3x Obsidian Wraith between the Scriptures. Use the teleporter.


You'll find yourself standing in front of 1x Sester of the Order, 1x Sublime Sester and 1x Faceless Clerik. Defeat them and use the next elevator to continue.


Continue ahead and defeat 1x Sester of the Order, 1x Sublime Sester and 1x Faceless Clerik. You can pick up a Weltcap from the spawn. Head down, defeat 2x Sester of the Order and use the teleporter to reach the other side.


Once on the other side, you'll fight 1x Sester of the Order and 1x Sublime Sester and then another 1x Sester of the Order and 1x Sublime Sester.


Keep going and you'll spot 1x Brether of Synod accompanied by 1x Faceless Clerik and 1x Sublime Brether. Defeat them and turn left to find 1x Etherial Diapason.


Continue ahead and you'll find a bridge guarded by 1x Faceless Clerik. Defeat the Scholar, and on the other side of the bridge you will spot 9x Sublime Sester. This can be a challenging fight, as they deal a lot of damage. If you have enough ammo, you can use the Ballistazooka to reduce their numbers. If not, try to use your hardening to avoid the damage, then run erratically to avoid the bolts while you attack them. You can also use AoE abilities from your Weapons to dispatch them


Once you've dealt with the Sublime Sester head left. You'll fight 2x Sester of the Order, 1x Sublime Brether and 1x Brether of Synod.



Cross the door. There's 1x Sublime Sester on each side of path. Defeat one of them, and use your hardening to avoid the damage dealt by the other one. Continue ahead and you'll reach the elevator leading back to the entrance of the Dim Gate.


Head down using the elevator. You'll have to defeat 4x Obsidian Wraith to reach Sester Genessa.


Go left and defeat 2x Faceless Clerik. Cross the bridge and fight 2x Sublime Sester and 2x Sester of the Order.


Head outside and go down the stairs. You'll find 1x Sublime Brether and 1x Brether of Synod. Defeat them and turn right.


After you cross the first section 2x Obsidian Wraith will appear. Defeat them and continue ahead where you'll fight 1x Sester of the Order, 1x Sublime Sester and 1x Faceless Clerik.


Keep going and defeat 2x Obsidian Wraith, 1x Sester of the Order and 1x Faceless Clerik to reach the teleporter leading back to the entrance.


Use the teleporter. You'll find yourself outside the entrance that is being guarded by 2x Faceless Clerik. Defeat them and go inside where you'll be ambushed by 1x Sester of the Order and 1x Sublime Sester and 1x Faceless Clerik.


You'll now find yourself at the Eternal Narthex. Head outside back to Fallgrim which will now be covered by The Mist (On your way back, you can open the Frog Chest located right outside to acquire the Sester's Binding).


Once you reach the Fallgrim Tower, speak to The Old Prisoner and give him the Knotted Gland to acquire the Seal Infusion - Knotted Tarnished Seal Ability.




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