Ammo Large Bolt
Location Fallgrim Tower

Ballistazooka is the only Ranged Weapon in Mortal Shell. The Ballistazooka fires Large Bolts to inflict massive damage to Enemies or BossesBallistazooka can be found at Fallgrim Tower.


An unwieldy projectile weapon, dubbed "Ballistazooka" by brigands. The Neoterics of Muraden invented this arcuballista for disputed trials. Those who plead innocence to the Arch Engineer would stand before its narrow sites, praying for the bolt to veer away in an act of divine justice.


 Ballistazooka Description

  • Fires Large Bolts to inflict massive damage to Enemies or Bosses.
  • To use it, press the toggle button and your character will kneel and a small crosshair will appear. Aim to your enemy and shoot.
  • After you shoot, you'll need to reload it. This takes a moderate amount of time, so it's best to do it after you defeat all nearby enemies.
  • After you shoot, you can cancel the reload animation by pressing the toggle button again. Notice that the next time you press it the animation will start again.
  • The Ballistazooka is best used against larger or elite enemies such as the Blazing Heralds or the Faceless Clerik.
  • The Ballistazooka can stagger most Bosses if you manage to land a hit on them.


Where to Find Ballistazooka

  • The Ballistazooka can be found broken at the workbench located at the first floor of the Fallgrim Tower. In order to repair it, you'll need to purchase Tools for Vlas, which costs 8,000 Tar. Once you get the Tools, head to the workbench and repair the Ballistazooka.
  • When you craft the Ballistazooka, you'll also acquire 5x Large Bolt


Ballistazooka Notes & Tips

  • The Ballistazooka is not reloaded until after the aiming reticle reappears.
  • Other notes...




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    • This weapon's lore is equal parts hilarious and ****ed up.
      Imagine your trial is disputed and instead of some kind of retrial or recess, they just make you stand in front of a comically large crossbow and you gotta hope on the slight chance it misses.

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