New Player Help for Mortal Shell covers various information that will help in understanding the basics of the game's mechanics as well as recommended things to do before starting the game. The aim is to help players to further understand the game and to know what it has to offer. This page covers various information such as basic and advanced tips and tricks for Mortal Shell.


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  • Shells: About the Shells of the game.
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  • New Game +: Learn more about what happens when you finish a campaign.


Mortal Shell New Player Help

What are Shells?

Shells are presented in the game as characters in the game that you encounter. Through inhabiting their shell, players will be able to learn more about their past and eventually learn their combat style and unlock various abilities. But in order to obtain their shell, you must find out and learn their names which can be done by spending Tar. Alternatively, players may choose to skip using Shells on their playthrough for a more challenging experience in which case they will have to fight as the Empty Vessel which can withstand only 1 hit.

What happens when your shell dies?

When you reach 0 health while inside a Shell, the Foundling will be expelled. From here you can either retrieve the shell or fight as the Foundling. If you retrieve the shell and reach 0 health again the Foundling will die and you will return to the last checkpoint.

What is the difference between each Shell?

Each Shell has its own unique characteristics like Abilities and mechanics providing different playstyles. Players will only be able to unlock and use the Shell abilities after discovering its name which can be done by spending Tar.

Can you play without a Shell?

Players may choose to skip using Shells on their playthrough for a more challenging experience in which case they will have to fight as the Foundling which can whit stand only 1 hit.

Are all shells the same?

Probably the most interesting mechanic of Mortal Shell is the use of Shells, that can be inhabited by the player in order to change combat styles. Shells for all intents and purposes are the games “Classes”, but they are much more than that and each has it’s own backstory that you will discover as you progress through the game.
There are 4 Shells, of which we have seen Harros and Tiel, with Harros being a more well rounded "warrior", and Tiel playing more like your classic "rogue".

Can shells be changed during play? 

There are sections of the game that allow you to change your Shell from one to another, so you can play an area as your preferred Shell. Additionally, there are consumables that allow you to transfer from one Shell to another mid fight, which opens up a ton of possibilities gameplay-wise

Are Weapons available for all Shells?

You can use any Weapon with any Shell, so this will not be an issue for players. Another thing to note, however, is that you cannot change the appearance of your character without changing your Shell. So there is no “Fashion Shell” so to speak.

How can I recover life?

You can regain life by eating certain consumable items or by performing an Empowered Riposte using the Tarnished Seal

Are there different attacks?

There’s a Light Attack, Heavy Attack, Parry, Dodge Roll and a form of blocking that is called “Hardening”. These things all use Stamina of some sort to perform, so you can’t just spam away as well.

What is Hardening?

The Hardening mechanic allows your character to turn into stone, preventing all damage that would be dealt them. It’s a fresh take, and expertly weaving it into your attacks can be quite challenging, especially since it has a brief cooldown of about 5 seconds or so. Skilled players will learn to use this at the last possible second, preventing the flow of combat from being interrupted too much. 

What happens to enemies when I die?

Enemies also all respawn when you die, so you will have to face them again or try your hand at sprinting through them instead. Though you will leave behind your currency if you chose to do so, unless you are clever enough to get to your stone Shell along the way.

How do acquire Items?

Items are usually obtained from looting, chests, destroying breakable objects, dropped by killed enemies, bosses, or purchased from merchants

How can I improve my weapons?

Weapons can be upgraded to increase their damage and to acquire unique abilities. For example, the Martyr's Blade has a special AoE it can do to freeze nearby enemies. In order to upgrade a weapon, players will first need to find the required material and then upgrade the weapon by visiting an anvil.

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