Sester Genessa

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Location Fallgrim Tower

Sester Genessa is an NPC and a Merchant in Mortal Shell. Sester Genessa can be found at Fallgrim TowerSester Genessa allows you to use your Tar and Glimpses to discover Shell names and unlock their Abilities. She will also provide you with Merchant Services later in the game


Sester Genessa Information:

  • Talking to her allows you to use your Tar and Glimpses to discover Shell names and unlock their Abilities.
  • Once you unlock all Abilities from a Shell, she will provide you with Merchant Services as long as you occupy that shell.
    • If you switch to another Shell without all Abilities unlocked, she will not trade until you swap back to the completed Shell or you get all Abilities with that Shell.


Where to find Sester Genessa


Merchant Services

Purchasing Glimpse of Affection and consuming them with another Shell is a great way to transfer Glimpses between your Shells.


Sester Genessa Notes and Tips

  • When you present to her as Tiel, she mentions that he was her beloved when he was alive. Their relationship is alluded to in his memories. 
  • If you speak to her with no Shell, she has unique dialogue.
  • If you try to attack her, she vanishes into thin air and cackles, then reappears.
  • If you speak to The Old Prisoner without a Shell, he will tell you that he used to know her when she was alive.
  • She reacts when you play the Lute. She will nod her head until you reach maximum familiarity. At maximum familiarity, she will gently sway her head and body.
  • If you attack her, a bear trap may appear in front of her, she laughs if you step on it.
  • Interacting with her respawns enemies in the area.
  • She has unique dialogue if spoken to in New Game+, implying that "ascenscion" is not an escape, but merely a return to the cycle. As a merchant she will now also sell 8 Quenching Acids for 10 glimpses, as well as Tar.   


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