New Game Plus for Mortal Shell features information regarding the following assets that can be brought into playing another playthrough after finishing the game for the first time. Players will see some differences with the initial playthrough, and get to carry over certain progress.


Mortal Shell New Game Plus

How to Unlock New Game +

  • In order to unlock New Game + you need to defeat The Unchained and agree to remove his gland. This will take you to New Game +.

What changes in New Game +

  • Vlas stock replenished
  • Sester Genessa now sells Quenching Acid
  • Weapons can be upgraded to +10
  • All Items and Chests respawn
  • All Enemies and Bosses have more health and deal more damage.
  • Enemies provide 50% more Tar
  • Grisha provide 1 more Glimpse
  • Weapon Key Items are replaced by Quenching Acid
  • Brether Corvid will respawn
  • All Bosses are respawned
  • Thestus will disappear until you recover the first gland
  • When you use Hardening and get hit, a small amount of damage will still go through


What carries over to New Game +

What doesn't carry over to New Game +

  • Story progression will be reset (You'll need to acquire all glands again)
  • You will lose Locations Progression (You won't be able to use the Ornate Mask to teleport until you discover them once again)
  • Thestus won't spawn until you bring the first gland again.


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