Monument of Ash is a Location in Mortal Shell. The remnants of the forge are decorated with monuments of suffering. Rusted hinges squeal, thirsting for oils. The smell of burnt flesh chokes the air. Adorned with such artifacts, few remember their true purpose.


Monument of Ash

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Full Monument of Ash Walkthrough

Head back to the campsite and turn left. You'll see 1x Blazing Herald. Search the area and you'll find 1x Glimpse of Affection, 1x Remnant of Tar and a Weltcap spawn area.


Head inside the building, pick up 1x Mortal Token. There is a door on the right wall, open it. Head inside and defeat 2x Herald of Faith. Open the Iron Maiden to your right to acquire 1x Quenching Acid. There is also 1x Scripture of Despair on top of a barrel.


Head into the next room and you'll find 1x Unburning Flesh and 4x Acolyte of Ash. On the corner of the room you can find a chest with 1x Solemn Offering and 1x Unguent Tar. There's a door to your left leading back to the beginning. If you turn right, you can find 1x Herald of Faith and an opening that leads to the circular room where you defeated 2x Unburning Flesh Enemies.


Head back to the tunnel located right after the Blazing Herald and continue ahead. You'll find a small bridge guarded by 2x Acolyte of Ash and 1x Acolyte of Ignis. There's a hidden 1x Acolyte of Ash behind the tomb.


Open the tomb to acquire 1x Glimpse of Futility and 1x Awakened Stone (Item), which unlocks the Awakened Stone Ability. 2x Acolyte of Ignis will spawn when you open the tomb.


Cross the bridge and open the door. You'll find 1x Acolyte of Ash and 1x Glimpse of Hope. On the lower area you will also find 2x Acolyte of Ash, 1x Blazing Herald and a Weltcap spawn.


Below the entrance, you can find a ramp heading down. You can find the "You are damned at birth" inscription and a chest with 2x Mortal token and 1x Extracted Tar. Be careful, as 2x Ashen Wraith will spawn when you open the chest. Head back upside and on the other side of the room you will find Sester Genessa




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