Tutorial Area is a Location in Mortal Shell. The Tutorial Area is where players can find about the basic mechanics of Mortal Shell.



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Full Tutorial Area Walkthrough


Players will start the game on a flooded area covered by mist. Move forward and go past the gate where you will find your first tutorial.



To complete this part you need to dodge, then dodge two consecutive times. To finish, hold the harden button and let the enemy attack you.


Walk towards the statue and interact with it to acquire the Hallowed Sword. Walk through the gate to perform the next tutorial.


To complete this tutorial you will have to perform a light attack, then a Heavy attack. To end this part, perform a hardening while you are attacking. You can explore the area to acquire 1x Mortal Token. Keep going and you will find your first Item, 1x Mortal Token. Pick it up and use it by pressing the quick slot button. You can also open your inventory to learn more about your items.


Keep going and you will see a big open gate. Before going inside explore the area to your left. You will find another 1x Mortal Token dropped in the corner.


Once you cross the gate a fight against Hadern will begin. Hadern is a tough opponent, and he will likely beat you on your first try. If he does, an animation will play where he disappears and then a giant fish swallows you sending you to the Fallgrim Outskirts. If you manage to defeat Hadern, you will acquire Glimpse of Reverie as a reward, which provides 15 glimpses.



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