Walkthrough for Mortal Shell covers a detailed guide that aims to help get past all the locations and areas, as well as guides on enemies, bosses, NPCs, equipment, and items that are encountered in the game. This page focus on providing a detailed walkthrough for the main campaign or story of Mortal Shell. If you want to check an overview for a recommended progress path, you may visit our Game Progress Route page.

  • If you need help with the basics, refer to New Player Help, that includes a full beginner guide.
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  • See Lore to understand the story of the game.

Mortal Shell Walkthrough


Fallgrim is a Location in Mortal Shell. Fallgrim is located at the center of the Mortal Shell world and connects to all major Locations.



Full Fallgrim Walkthrough

Fallgrim is located at the center of the Mortal Shell world and connects to all major Locations. After you finish the Tutorial, you'll spawn inside a small cave and you'll need to make your way to the Fallgrim Tower.

Once you reach the Fallgrim Tower you are free to decide where to go. The main objective of the game is to retrive and deliver all Glands to The Old Prisoner. You will find one Gland on each of the major Locations. Its best to start with the Abandoned Chamber and Temple Grounds and then move to the Eternal Narthex. The Eternal Narthex is bigger than the other two locations and the difficulty is slightly higher.

NOTE: You can click on each individual button below for a complete guide on how to reach each Locations.


Fallgrim Tower
Notable Locations
Abandoned Chamber
Temple Grounds
Eternal Narthex

Heading to Fallgrim Tower

You will wake up inside a small cave. Crawl through the opening on the wall until you reach the outside.


Drop down and attack the wall on your right. You'll find the Etching "These creatures, twisted and malformed"


Continue ahead and turn left. You'll find Harros Shell on the ground. Use the interaction button to acquire the shell.


Continue ahead and you will reach Fallgrim.


You can find a Weltcap Spawn on the ground, pick it up and turn right. There is a small campsite where you can Sense the Fallgrim Tower, a cauldron with 1x Boiled Frog inside and behind the tents you can also find a chest with 1x Simple Lute and 1x Remnant of Tar.


Go down using the ramp, a small cinematic will play where you can see the Fallgrim tower.


Walk straight ahead and you will find 1x Remnant of Tar. Go up using the ramp and defeat 1x Brigand. There's 1x Brigand on each side.


Go right to attack another camp guarded by 2x Brigand. You can pick up 1x Boiled Frog from the cauldron.


Head back and go left. Attack the camp guarded by 3x Brigand. Once you defeat them explore the back of the camp to acquire 1x Glimpse of Wisdom. . Go back and go up the hill. Once on top head left and you'll see a door leading to the Fallgrim Tower.


Go inside the Fallgrim Tower and you will meet Awaken Sester Genessa, you can talk with her to unlock your Shell Abilities by spending Tar and Glimpses. You can also find the reserved slots for the other Shells and sense where they are.


Go up the stairs and on the second floor you'll find the reserved Weapon Slots and the Tattered Vestment dropped in the ground. There's also a workbench that you can use to upgrade your Weapons, Tarnished Seal and to repair the Ballistazooka.


Head through the door and you'll meet The Old Prisoner, go up the stairs and interact with the Tarnished Seal. You'll acquire the Tarnished Seal and The Old Prisoner will enhance it with the Seal Infusion - Healing ability.


You can also find Vlas on the back part of the building by going up the stairs located outside. He will provide you with Merchant Services including the Tools required to repair the Ballistazooka.


Walk to the edge of the building just behind Vlas and you'll see an item over a column. Jump to reach it and you'll acquire 1x Bronze Bell.


Fallgrim Notable Locations

Grisha Cave, Mechanical Spike and Solomon

Head outside of the Fallgrim Tower using the main door. Turn left and you'll find the Inscription "The Old Prisoner".


Turn right and go inside the cave (Be careful where you step, there are many traps on the ground). You can pick up 1x Glimpse of Futility from the bodies. Once inside the cave, a fight against a Grisha will begin. Try to stay close to him and use your Hardening and dodge to avoid his attacks. Grishas are able to perform an unparryable attack that deals massive damage and that can't be prevented by your Hardening. Your Tarnished Seal will glow red when he is about to perform this attack. Try to dodge forward to avoid getting caught.


Once you've defeated the Grisha, you can open the chest to acquire the Mechanical Spike, you can visit the workbench at the Fallgrim Tower to upgrade your Hallowed Sword and acquire the Mechanical Spike Ability.


Head down the ramp and you'll notice a hole covered by branches. Destroy the branches using your weapon and crawl to the other side.


Once you reach the other side you'll find 1x Nocteserper and Solomon's Shell. You can also attack the stone located right next to the fire to reveal the "And what of my kin?" Inscription and acquire 1x Glimpse of Wisdom.


Altenrative Ending, Lute, Gorf and Strange Altar

Head outside from the Fallgrim Tower through the main door and turn right, defeat the Brigands and go down.


Turn left and you'll find a ramp heading down. You'll have to fight 1x Sturdyman.


Turn left and go up. There's a small ramp to your right. Go up and defeat 2x Sturdyman and 1x Brigand.


Continue ahead and you'll find a small valley with a big campsite. There are 4x Brigand and 2x Sturdyman guarding the camp.


You can pick up the Impervious Lute in the middle of the camp. On the right side of the camp you'll find some branches covering a chest. Destroy them and open the chest to acquire 1x Bag of Tar, 1x Superior Moonshine and 1x Baguette.


Head back and continue straight. There's a small water passage guarded by 1x Sturdyman.


Continue ahead and you'll notice a small ramp to your right. Go up and on the wall on your left you'll find a tunnel.


Crawl through the tunnel and you'll reach the Strange Altar. If you interact with the altar you'll renounce all Shells and continue your playthrough as the Foundling. Your Foundling form will have a unique black skin.


Head back outside. You'll see Gorf to your left and a ramp right in front. Continue ahead using the ramp. Be careful, as you will find many Brosca in the water.


Make your way through 2x Brigand. There's a small campsite with 2x Brigand and 1x Sturdyman. You can pick up 1x Boiled Frog from the cauldron and you can open the chest to acquire 1x Effigy of Harros and 1x Superior Moonshine


Keep going and defeat 1x Brigand Ranger and 1x Sturdyman. You'll reach the top of the hill, where you'll find Baghead.


Alternative Secret Ending

Baghead allows you to unlock an alternative secret ending. In order to unlock this ending, you'll need 1x Roasted Rat and 1x Superior Moonshine.

Talk with him while you have 1x Roasted Rat in your inventory. He will ask if he can have a bite, agree and give him the roasted rat. Then talk to him again while you are carrying 1x Superior Moonshine. He will ask you if he can have a sip. Agree once again. You'll now have unlocked the secret ending.

Talk to him again, and he will ask you if you want to join him in living a Brigands life, drinking Moonshine and snacking on rats forever and ever. You can refuse his offering and come back at any given time to access the secret ending

If you agree, a cinematic will play where you sit next to him playing the Lute. You'll be able to see images of Fallgrim and some Brigands being over-run by Nocteserpers. The credits will play and you'll teleport back to your last checkpoint.


Heading to the Eternal Narthex

Head to the cave located in front of the Fallgrim Tower. Go through the opening located right from the entrance. On the other side, you'll find some traps and 1x Brigand. There's also a camp with 2x Brigand and 1x Sturdyman. Once you've dealt with them you can find 1x Ornate Token inside one of the boxes of the camp.


Right after the camp you'll notice some branches on the wall located to your left. Attack the branches with your weapon to reveal a chest with 1x Nascent Tar and 1x Rotten Food.


Continue ahead. You'll reach the Fallgrim Outskirts. Defeat 1x Brigand and 3x Brigand Ranger (you can find 1x Tarspore Spawn on the ground).


Turn left, you'll find a camp with 2x Brigand, 1x Sturdyman and 1x Brigand Ranger. There's a chest in the camp with 1x Large Bolt and 1x Effigy of Eredrim.


Go down using the ramp, you'll find a Weltcap spawn along the way. Once you reach the bottom explore the stones and you'll find the Eredrim's Shell.


You'll notice a bridge leading to the Eternal Narthex and guarded by 1x Halberd Knight. Before crossing it, explore the left part of the location. There's an opening in the wall where you will find the Corrupted Sester. She provides Merchant Services and also sells the Forbidden Offering which can be used to upgrade the Tarnished Seal increasing Resolve acquisition.


Defeat the Halberd Knight and head inside to reach the Eternal Narthex.


Heading to Temple Grounds

Head to the bottom of the Fallgrim Tower and crawl through the tunnel to reach the other side. You'll find 1x Sturdyman and 1x Brigand. There's an opening to your left where you can find 1x Congealed Tar.


Turn right and climb the hill. You'll find a small camp being guarded by 1x Sturdyman, 3x Brigand and 1x Brigand Ranger. Once you defeat them, pick up 1x Roasted Rat


Explore the back area of the campsite and you'll see some branches. Attack them and you'll uncover a chest. Open it acquire 1x Remnant of Tar and 1x Untarnished Mask.


If you attack the wall on the right side of the camp you can uncover the Etching "My lute is life" and acquire 1x Glimpse of Wisdom.


Go back and continue ahead until you pass a column. Turn left and climb the small hill to your left. You'll find a small campsite guarded by 4x Brigand and 1x Brigand Ranger.


Go back and head down, you'll find the Inscription "The Hungriest". And a road split. Turn right and go down.


Attack the wall to your right and you'll uncover the "If you are a fine gentleman" inscription and acquire 1x Glimpse of Wisdom.


Keep going and on the other side you'll find a Weltcap Spawn and 1x Brigand playing the lute. There's a small campsite on top of the hill. You'll have to defeat 4x Brigand and 1x Sturdyman to clear it. Once you defeat the Brigands, open the chest to acquire 1x Mortal Token and 1x Quenching Acidfallgrim_temple_ground_location_8_mortal_shell_wiki_guide600px

Continue ahead and you'll see burning Grisha impaled on a tree. Defeat 2x Brigand and 1x Sturdyman.


Head right and you'll reach a campsite. Defeat 2x Sturdyman and 3x Brigand. There's 1x Congealed Tar inside a crate.


Turn left and go up. Defeat 2x Brigand Ranger and 1x Sturdyman. Cross the door and on the other side you'll also find 3x Brigand.


Go up the stairs. You'll have to pass through 1x Sturdyman and 1x Brigand Ranger. Once on top you'll reach the Temple Grounds.


Heading to Abandoned Chamber

Go outside the Fallgrim Tower using the tunnel located on the lowest level. Turn left and continue ahead until you pass a column. Turn right and continue ahead until you find a roadsplit


Turn left and defeat 1x Sturdyman and 2x Brigand.


There's a small ramp on your right. On top, you'll face 2x Brigand, 1x Sturdyman and 2x Brigand. You can pick up 1x Inferior Moonshine from a crate.


Head down and you'll find a giant tree with many bats hanging from its branches. Below the tree you can find a Tarspore Spawn and a Weltcap Spawn.


On the other side, you can find a campsite guarded by 2x Sturdyman and 2x Brigand. There's 1x Superior Moonshine inside one of the crates. You can find the "She rests within a tomb" Inscription next to the campsite.


There's a big opening on the wall. Head through the opening and you'll reach the Fallgrim Outskirts. Head down and defeat 1x Sturdyman and 2x Brigand.


If you look to your right, you'll see some branches. Attack them to uncover a tunnel. Crawl through the tunnel and you'll reach a small cave where you can find Tiel's Shell.


Once inside the cave you'll have to fight Ven Noctivagu. Defeat him and interact with Tiel to acquire the shell. You can also find 1x Glimpse of Affection dropped on the ground.


Go back outside and keep going. You will find an intersection with 2x Brigand and 1x Sturdyman. Defeat them and turn right. You can find 1x Glimpse of Futility dropped on the ground.


Follow the road right and turn left as soon as you can, you will find 1x Brigand and you will be able to pick up 1x Tarspore. Be careful as there are 2x Stone Slinger on the other side of the river that will fire projectiles at your location.


Head back and follow the road, this will lead you where the Ranged Brigands are. You will also have to fight 3x Brigands. Try to fight them one by one so you don't get overwhelmed.


Destroy the roots located on the corner to acquire 1x Unguent Tar.


Cross the river and turn left, you will pick up 1x Remnant of Tar. Keep going left and you will come back to the crossing at the beginning. This time go left.


Go up the stairs and you will find a small camp with 3x Brigand. Be careful as 2x Brigand will wake up when the fight begins. You can find 1x Inferior Moonshine dropped in the ground.


Continue ahead and turn left. You'll have to fight 3x Brigand. You can pick up 1x Spectral Token from the ground. There's also 1x Sturdyman and a Weltcap spawn on the other side.


Head back and continue ahead. You will have to fight 2x Sturdyman. Once you've dealt with the enemies, pick up 1x Glimpse of Wisdom.


Go down the stairs and go inside to reach the Abandoned Chamber



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