Weapons in Mortal Shell are a type of equipment that is used to inflict damage against hostile characters such as Enemies and Bosses. There are 4 Melee Weapons and 1 Ranged Weapon in Mortal Shell, each of them with their own unique playstyle, moveset and Abilities. Weapons are found in specific Locations and are available for all Shells

 You can find detailed information on their location and properties on each individual page linked below.

Are Weapons Shell Specific?

Weapons are not restricted and can be used with any Shell including the Foundling form.

Weapon Upgrades & Skills

Each Weapon has two skills that you can unlock by using specific Key Items at the Anvil. Both skills can be active at the same time. Players can also increase Weapon damage up to +5 by using Quenching Acid.


Mortal Shell Weapons

Melee Weapons

Hallowed Sword
Hallowed Sword

A Heavy Sword with a hollow at its center. This cumbersome sword appears broken or perhaps unfinished. A piston-like mechanism is buried deep inside.

Hammer and Chisel
Hammer and Chisel

The only tool fit to write of eternity. Tough in appearance, it is only by these tools that the Twiceborn etched histories and scripture upon the sacred tablets. Beneath the hammer's blow, reality itself bends and breaks.

Martyr's Blade

A two-handed sword, achingly cold to grasp. A remnant from a long dead empire. The First Martyr reserved this greatsword for heretics, but the blade fell upon many pious necks. In time devotion was not enough, the Enshrined whispered of new sins and new foes hidden within their ranks.

Smoldering Mace
Smoldering Mace

Ashes drift from the mace's smoldering head. This mace bears an inscription: "Righteous fire may only be wielded by a disciple consecrated by wrath and fury.


A pair of twin blades, crafted to transform into an axe. An exquisite invention of unknown origin. The twin-blades are notable in their own right, but the mechanism by which they combine offers up near infinite possibilities in battle.





 Ranged Weapons


An unwieldy projectile weapon, dubbed "Ballistazooka" by"brigands". The Neoterics of Muraden invented this arcuballista for disputed trials. Those who plead innocence to the Arch Engineer would stand before its narrow sites, praying for the bolt to veer away in an act of divine justice.


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