Tarnished Seal

Tarnished Seal
Effect Enables you to Parry enemy strikes, interrupting their attacks.
Location Fallgrim Tower

Tarnished Seal is a Key Item in Mortal Shell. Tarnished Seal can be used to parry enemy attacks and is acquired at the Fallgrim Tower when you remove it from The Old Prisoner.


Both symbol and weapon, the seal is rusted and filthy. A symbol of infinity. This seal is a faint shadow of its former self, but the etchings pulse when blood slicks its face.


 Tarnished Seal Use

  • Enables you to Parry enemy strikes, interrupting their attacks. In order to parry an attack, players must press the Parry button just before the strike impacts.
  • The Seal (located on the back of your character) will glow red for unparryable strikes.
  • The Seal will glow white each time you fill a Resolve bar.
  • If players has one or more resolve, they can spend one to perform an empowered riposte using the Tarnished Seal Abilities.


Tarnished Seal Abilities

When a successful parry is performed, players can spend one Resolve to perform an empowered Riposte.
If you do not follow up the parry with a Riposte the opponent becomes incapacitated for a short period.

  • Seal Infusion - Healing:
    • Spend 1 resolve to perform an Empowered Riposte which deals 55 damage(does not increase) to the enemy and heals your character. Healing is determined by how many Solemn Offering you have upgraded at workbench/anvil(max 3).
  • Seal Infusion - Inflamed:
    • When empowered by Resolve, your riposte will attach a charged larva to your enemy which after a few seconds explodes and deal 150 to all enemies and yourself if in blast range.
    • Deals 150 on explosion and has area of effect.
  • Seal Infusion - Knotted
    • When empowered by Resolve, your riposte will bend time to your will. 
    • Striking the riposted enemy into the air and everything around you will freeze in time(NOT other enemies). During this short period of time you can attack your enemy without him being able to react.
    • Deals 45 damage and for a short period leaves the riposte enemy incapacitated.
  • Seal Infusion - Crystalline:
    • "When empowered by Resolve, your riposte will unleash your true form upon your foes."
    • Deals 150 damage and inflicts poison upon riposted enemy.

Tarnished Seal Upgrades

Tarnished Seal can be upgraded at the Anvil by using the following materials

  • Solemn Offering: Can be used to increase the Tarnished Seal healing effect of the empowered ripostes
  • Forbidden Offering: Can be used to boost Tarnished Seal resolve acquisition.


Where to Find Tarnished Seal


Tarnished Seal Notes & Tips

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