DLC for Mortal Shell features additional content of the game that is not available with the regular edition of the game. DLC usually contains pre-order bonuses, free additional content, paid packs, and game expansions. This page covers all relevant information regarding the following DLCs that are released.


Mortal Shell DLC


The Virtuous Cycle DLC

The Virtuous Cycle is a paid DLC for Mortal Shell, releasing August 18th 2021. Players can obtain the DLC for free via Twitch Drops in participating Twitch channels such as . The DLC was first announced on June 12th 2021, and brings a whole new game mode to extend the playtime and logevity of the game.

New Features

  • Adds a new shell! Hadern (Shell) will now be available as a playable Shell.
  • A new weapon called The Axatana. This weapon can switch between heavy axe to dual katanas, offering unique movesets for both stances.
  • A new lute named the Clockwork Lute which can be bought from Hadern for 5,000 Tar
  • A new game-mode with an ever-changing world where players can craft their own combat style by combining over 100 unique upgrades.





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