Abandoned Chamber is a Location in Mortal Shell. In these fetid corridors, the dead lay unattended.These are not the martyr's but the damned, their bodies offered to graverobbers and scavengers. The pious lie deep below, waiting for the Immaculate to wake from her endless slumber.


Abandoned Chamber

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Full Abandoned Chamber Walkthrough

As soon as you enter the Abandoned Chamber you will meet with Sester Genessa. In the next room you will find the Martyr's Blade and a book, read the book to fight Hadern and unlock the Martyr's Blade. You can also find a Weltcap spawn in the corner.


Head through the corridor and you'll fight 2x Nocteserper. Pick up 1x Spectral Token and continue ahead.


There is a small corridor where you can find 1x Slave of Scorn. Keep going and you will find a square room with 2x Nocteserper and 1x Slave of Scorn. You can find a Tarspore spawn on the corner of the room.


There is an opening on the right part of the room, crouch and head inside. You will find a small room with 1x Petrified Winterglass (Item), which unlocks the Petrified Winterglass Ability and the Inscription "The First Martyr".


Head back to the square room, you can go down the stairs (and head directly to the Enslaved Grisha) or turn left. Turn left and you will find 2x Nocteserper and 1x Slave of Scorn standing on the edge of the abyss. You can perform a kick to throw him down. Once all enemies are defeated, you can pick up 1x Large Bolt


Continue ahead and to your left you will spot 1x Enslaved Disciple guarding a chest. Defeat the Enslaved Disciple and open the chest to acquire 1x Quenching Acid.


Head down the ramp and defeat 1x Slave of Scorn. At the bottom of the ramp you will find 1x Enslaved Disciple. After you defeat him you can find a Weltcap spawn on the corner.


Cross the door and you will see the Enslaved Grisha. Before you enter the battlefield, check the left and right part of the ramp to find 1x Rotten Food and 1x Scripture of Defiance.


Jump into the battlefield and defeat the Enslaved Grisha. Once you've defeated him, you can check the left part of the battlefield to find 1x Effigy of Tiel. If you attack the wall underneath the torch in this area to find the "Their madness is not malady" Etching.


Once you are done, cross the frozen wall to reach the Enshrined Sanctum and you'll find Sester Genessa next to a chest that holds 1x Solemn Offering and 1x Golden Bell.




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