Inscriptions and Etchings in Mortal Shell are informative texts that contain information related to the world and the history of the game. These mysterious texts are hidden in secret walls that you will discover as the game progresses. This page covers a list of all Inscriptions and Etchings in Mortal Shell which includes their description, locations, and relevant information.


All Inscriptions and Etchings in Mortal Shell




The hungriest of the unborn burns with desire.
He hangs seething as those below bow low in supplication.
He demands sacrifice, but his hunger, it ne'er ends.

Location: Fallrim. At the crossroads to the Bat Tree and the route to Monument of Ash

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Those within the obsidian walls seek oblivion.
Their worship, turbulent and reactive.
They predict the birth of their savior, but they say he has already been born.

Location: Fallgrim, Between Gorf and the start of the Obsidian Route

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She rests within a tomb, the most vulnerable of the unborn.
His protection is all he has left to offer.
A loyal husk, he prays for her birth, refusing to rest no matter how tiresome his watch.

Location: Fallgrim. Under the Bat Tree

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The old prisoner sits contentedly atop his perch. Awaiting the newest.
The unborn must be greeted with gifts, but gifts they will bestow.
In return for unwavering loyalty.

Location: Fallgrim. On the left side after leaving the Tower towards Grisha

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The First Martyr gave neither blood nor body.
No, he gave up so much more to preserve our faith.
He gave his living memory—all that he knew, all that he glimpsed—sealed within ice.
As it thaws, open your mouth and harden your heart.
Receive his gift.
Remember what came before.

Location: Abandoned Chamber, In the empty cave where you get the Pertrified Winterglass.

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The first vision came upon me like a waking dream.
Thrust into a vast chamber, I beheld a maiden, crowned with winterglass.
Her hand fell upon my throat and I shivered.
Trembling, I returned to the present, but her grasp remained an icy collar upon my neck, linking us forevermore.

Location: After beating Enslaved Grisha and talking to the sester, head left and go down the path, so the bridge is on your right.

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Kneel before the Immaculate.
Place your palm upon the Deathless Doctrine.
Surrender your pride, your vanity—or as you call it, your will.
This is the first sin.
Let go.
Allow her eternal wisdom, untouched and unspoiled, guide you.
Your spirit will not falter, if it is hers to command.

Location: In a little hole, reachable in the cave where you enter the Bossfight with Tarsus, The First Matyr. Crawl through the opening at the left side.

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The reward for loyalty is servitude.
Thus the Twiceborn requires no pledges.
They came here searching for answers, like you do now, but you will find nothing but silence and fury.
Throw yourself into the chasm.
Let the void take you and remake you.
You will be reborn, a Child of the Myriad, a sester or brether.

Location: Seat of Infinity - Eternal Narthex - The big area at the start of the Dungeon

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We no longer remember our name.
We are a multitude, emptied and repoured into a human-like vessel, a comforting mirage.
Your eyes refuse to acknowledge our boundless form, but neither time or shape can confine us.

Location: Seat of Infinity - Dim Gate - In the main hall with the second sester on the end of the left long hallway

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With each sacrament, we deepen our doubts.
Refuse the comfort of conviction, brethers.
Close your eyes to the seduction of reason.
There is no comprehending our inscrutable gods.
We barely know ourselves.
Tell me, what fool would believe he could comprehend the Revered?

Location: Seat of Infinity - The Shifting Archives - At the beginning of the archives where the Faceless Clerik walks around.

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A spider climbs carefully along a wet blade of grass.
The torments of transition enlighten with new perspectives for those who are open.
 A stinger pierces the flesh of an unloved keeper.
A tube swells and constricts.
A calmness brings with it nothing but hope of forestalling any more pain.

Location: The Shifting Archives - The Side where the sester stands and at the start of the Archives.

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The stone breathes, it lives.
Yes, look close, the obsidian writhes and squirms.
It is not a seamless stone, but a conflux of worms, black as oil, threaded together in a great, wriggling mass.

Location: The Shifting Archives - Left Side of the Sester

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Location: The Shifting Archives. On the other side of the sester, behind a couple of small stacks.

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Location: The Shifting Archives. The closest stack of obsidian plates in front of the giant skull

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Tvrhvre tvrrvruvrtvrh ivrsvr svrivrmvrpvrlvre.
(The truth is simple - without every "vr")

Location: The Shifting Archives. In front of the giant Sester

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Birds nesting inside a child's crumbling skull.
Two rows of teeth become one.
Elusive shapes dance endlessly in retinas.
A hard shelled parasite eats the kernel of a rose and takes its place.
Unbearable pain drags those who feel it into darkness.
Polished porcelain bowls defiled with specs of blood and bile.
A worm split asunder becomes something new.

Location: The Shifting Archives - On the Side where the Sester stands behind some stacks.

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Stricken with all the ills that consumed his kin, Imrod, last of the (indecipherable) dragged himself before the Immolation.
He witnessed, as you will one day, the consecrated, living flame, always becoming, always feeding, as its form flakes away in torrents of ash.

Location: Temple Grounds. Left of the first big doubledoor behind the spawnpoint of the Acolyte of Ignis

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Why must great (indecipherable) die, while beggars and bandits and (indecipherable) flourish?
The body is little more than kindling that our spirits burn through.
Enflame your passions and forget your reluctance for ambition, for sacrifice.
No more coddling the infirm, no more sheltering the ill.
(indecipherable) the weak.
Purify the flesh.
Leave nothing but ashes.

Location: In the last section of the Temple Grounds. In front of the stairs to the second Sester.

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You are damned at birth, promised death.
This is the frailty of our flesh, but it is a falsehood.
The gift of immortality lies within reach, but you must be willing to take (indecipherable).
By force if you must.
Even if you suffer without end.
There is no (indecipherable) without sacrifice.
But there is ecstasy in agony.

Location: Monument of Ash. The big hall with the last Sester and the Bossfight. It is in the lower level under the stairs at the entry.

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Etchings are hidden on walls and you'll need to perform an attack to uncover them. Once you do, you'll acquire 1x Glimpse of Wisdom

1. Etching

Their madness is not a malady, but a willful subjugation.
They've offered up their voices, their sanity, preferring the silence of stone.

Location: Can be found at Abandoned Chamber. Jump into the battlefield and defeat the Enslaved Grisha. Once you've defeated him, attack the walls underneath the torches to find this etching.

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2. Etching

A mirror of obsidian reflects only shadows.
They dart and dive past glinting mantles.
See how they slip away?
Sliding out of the corner of your eyes.
They escape grasping hands.

Location: Eternal Narthex - The big hall at the start of the dungeon. On the other side of the sester on a pillar.

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3. Etching

They grow opaque. Solid and brittle like obsidian.
Still like statues, they loom without purpose, a reminder of past splendor, rendered into a tragic substitute.

Location: Martyrs Altar - Directly across from the sester

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4. Etching

What is the difference between following and pursuing?
These wraiths haunt his steps, as I do.
A beast chasing at its own tail in the grand cosmic scheme

Location: On the right side of the wall just before tunnel to Tiel shell.

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5. Etching

I tasted the promise of the Future
A world encompassed by the boundless, seamless form entangled.
It´s impossible to ascertain where one ends and the other begins.

Location: Dim Gate, the big statue to the left of the sester.

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6. Etching

The only message that passes between them is scrawled in stone.
Not unlike my own etchings. Do they fear the ephemeral word decaying upon their lips?

Location: Heading to door entrance to Fallgrim Tower from starting location, cross the swamp, and hit the rock at right side, just after the swamp.

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7. Etching

And what of my kin? Are you reading this, dear brother? Do you still remember how we played at scholarship? Simpler times. When our quandaries were mere dramatics, dressed up as theory.

Location: In the cave where you find Solomons Shell

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8. Etching

Gritza is the BESTIST...BESTAST...BEASTEST bandit bearon.

Location: Heading to Baghead from Gorf side hit the rock wall before the camp, just before first yellow mushroom.

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9. Etching

You'll have to raise the last seedling alone. I am truly sorry, beloved.
I always meant to return, but I'm afraid the False Truths have spread far beyond our reach.
To stop them would be akin to killing the host to kill the parasite

Location: Can be found at the lowest level of the Fallgrim Tower. Attack the wall to uncover it.

you'll have to raise gentleman etching mortal shell wiki guide


10. Etching

If you are a fine gentleman, please consider Vlas for all furnishing and accouterment.
It's rather perilous in these uncivilized lands.
His new shop lies atop that rustic tower

Location: Can be found at Fallgrim. Head towards Temple Grounds. Attack the wall near the torch in the small valley.

if you are a fine gentlemen etching mortal shell wiki guide


11. Etching

These creatures, twisted and malformed, they're almost unrecognizable. Whatever gifts Hadern has lavished them with were wasted. They've strayed so far from the path, they're lost in a wilderness of their own making.

Location: At the first spawn point in fallgrim after crawling throuth the bonetunnel. After falling down a small edge on the right side.

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12. Etching

They seek to fill the drought of meaning in this world with prayers and proclamations.
Nothing could be further from the truth. So we shall bring wreckage to their pathetic rites
and rituals, their pitiful routines. Seek us beneath the grand obelisks, and find there is no
one true purpose. To each their own.

Location: At the place where you find Eredims Shell. The right pillar standing at the front of the obsidian stairs.

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13. Etching

They call themselves brethers and sesters, but to us they are little more than a flock of sheep.
Drooling and wide eyed, they lap up their masters sermons like mother´s soup.
Their dreams are not their own, they sacrifice all for nought.

Location: Dim Gate - After taking the big elevator up, take the teleporter. Take the next teleporter directly on the other side of the hole in the ground. you will get to the place in the picture.

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14. Etching

Their messiah planted his seeds and left. They seek a utopia which cannot exist.
Charmed and forgotten, choking on the nectar of false gods.
How high and mighty will they be when they consume this posion?

Location: Temple Grounds The second room after the Sester, there is a foggy path on the right. This is the tomb where the Foundry Stone lies.

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15. Etching

They sully their lips with the false wine.
It lulls their needs like a lover's caress.
But what of their lives, what of their former devotions? Left behind like a sack with a hole.
Forgotten like the tar addled night before.
Liquid filth is their sacrament and will be their downfall, it's that which we've seen and that which we shall sow.

Location: Monument of Ash, in the room where last Sester is go downstairs and hit the wall in front of the chest.

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16. Etching

We have followed in his steps, the dark one. Retraced his winding, inscrutable logic.
Listened for the whispers he must have heard. They´ve moved into temples.
Tall walled monuments erected by devoted hands.
They prey to thruths we know to be false. We´ve resisted the whispers, rendered them inert.
Let any who read this deny their gifts, for the promise of a life of ecstasy is a fallacy.
Life is suffering, obligation, and truth. Seek us out, and we will reveal this to you.

Location: Next to the Fallgrim Tower is a path up a hill. the Tower is to your right.

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17. Etching

My lute is life. I've been a man of simple pedigree, travelling the world, sharing fancy
notes for a cup of soup. But I've no one to leave my legacy. As it all slips away, it's
my own regret. I'll just take another bite of tar and... goodbye cruel world

Location: Can be found at Fallgrim. Head outside the Fallgrim Tower using the tunnel on the lowest level. Turn left and climb the hill. Attack the wall on the right part to uncover it.

my lute is life etching mortal shell wiki guide



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