Sanctum of Flame is a Location in Mortal Shell. Once a foundry where the Metallurgists, clasped in iron, toiled beneath their taskmasters. Their instruments remain, repurposed for the disciples who gather beneath the Immolation. They await the liturgy of ash.


Sactrun of Flame

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Full Sanctum of Flame Walkthrough

Talk to Sester Genessa and drink the Nektar. A fight against Imrod, the Unrepentant will begin.


Once you defeat the boss, you will be teleported back to the room where you drank the Nektar. Interact with the body to acquire 1x Inflamed Gland and 1x Nascent Tar. Speak with Sester Genessa and head back to the Fallgrim Tower.


Head back and on the bridge you'll fight 2x Ashen Wraith. Keep going and head left through the door, defeat 2x Unburning Flesh and 1x Acolyte of Ignis.


Continue ahead and you'll find 1x Blazing Herald. Open the door to your left and defeat 2x Ashen Wraith that are guarding the tunnel. There's also 2x Ashen Wraith and 1x Herald of Faith on the main room.


Open the door and defeat 2x Acolyte of Ignis. Continue ahead and inside the next room you'll fight 2x Ashen Wraith, 1x Blazing Herald and 1x Acolyte of Ignis.


Speak to Sester Genessa and head back to the Fallgrim Tower. Note that you will now be located inside "The Mist". While inside The Mist, Fallgrim will not change but enemies are replaced by Ghouls and Grisha and frog chests are unlocked. Once you reach the Fallgrim Tower, speak with The Old Prisoner to acquire the Seal Infusion - Inflamed.




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