Eternal Narthex is a Location in Mortal Shell. A stark entrance into a ponderous synod. A liminal space, always becoming anew, as mutable as the Revered who sits upon the Seat of Infinity. Its past forgotten, its future unknowable. It crumbles as quickly as it's rebuilt.


Eternal Narthex

Full Eternal Narthex Walkthrough

As soon as you enter, head left and talk with Sester Genessa. Next to her, you can find the Hammer and Chisel statue. Read the book and a fight against Hadern will begin. If you defeat him, you'll acquire the Hammer and Chisel.


In the middle of the room you can find a Tarspore Spawn. Continue ahead and when you reach the door you'll have to fight 1x Faceless Clerik.


Head outside and turn right, in front of the right teleporter you can find 1x Ornate Token. Walk through the column. Turn around and use the left teleporter.


As soon as you appear, you'll have to fight 1x Faceless Clerik. Continue ahead and turn right. You'll find 1x Effigy of Solomon, 1x Sublime Sester and 1x Sester of the Order.


Continue ahead, there's 1x Sublime Brether and then 1x Brether of Synod. After you defeat them, engage with 1x Sester of the Order and pick up 1x Remnant of Tar.


Keep going and you'll reach the main stairs. Defeat 2x Sester of the Order. There's a Weltcap spawn located on the other side of the stairs.



Head down using the main stairs and activate the lever located at the torch. 3x Obsidian Wraith will appear. Defeat them.


Head left and walk through the edge. On the other side turn right and you'll find 1x Congealed Tar.


Go back and head left, you'll find an opening with giant pillars. Behind the pillars, and next to the wall, you'll find the second torch surrounded by 4x Sublime Sester. Once you defeat activate the lever. You will also find 1x Perfumed Censer that can be used to unlock the Perfumed Censer ability.


Look behind, and next to the wall you'll spot 1x Sester of the Order. When you get near, you will also notice 1x Sester of the Order and 1x Sublime Sester. After you defeat them you can open a chest behind the place where the Sublime Sester was standing. The chest contains 1x Quenching Acid.


Continue ahead and you'll see a ramp heading into a wall. Defeat 1x Sublime Sester and 1x Sester of the Order and explore the area left of the ramp. There you'll find 1x Scripture of Defiance. Be careful, as 3x Obsidian Wraith will appear as soon as you get near.


Follow the edge of the wall until you find yourself beneath the giant tree. There you'll find 2x Obsidian Wraith and a Tarspore Spawn.



There is a giant column that you can climb. As soon as you reach the top look back and you'll see 1x Glimpse of Futility. Drop to the ground and climb the column once again. Continue ahead. When you reach the middle 1x Obsidian Wraith will appear on each side. Defeat them and continue.


On the other side you'll find the inscription “The reward for loyalty”. Look down towards the ramp that heads into the wall. Right beneath you'll see 1x Bag of Tar. Drop from the column to reach the Tar and then jump down.


Head back to the beginning of the column and explore the trees located in the middle. You'll have to fight 3x Obsidian Wraith and 1x Brether of Synod. There's a Weltcap Spawn and a teleporter.


Use the teleporter and you'll reach the top of the stairs leading to the Dim gate. Defeat 2x Faceless Clerik. If you explore the whole area, you can find 1x Bronze Bell at the other side of the building.


Go down using the main stairs and turn right. Underneath the pillar you'll find 1x Brether of Synod and a Weltcap Spawn. Continue ahead and you'll see 3x Obsidian Wraith and a ramp. Before going up the ramp explore the right area to find 1x Scripture of Despair. Be careful, as 2x Obsidian Wraith will spawn when you get near the Scripture.



Head back to the ramp. On the right side of the ramp you'll find a hidden passage leading underneath the ramp area.


Make your way through the stones and you'll see a teleporter. Use the teleporter and you'll find a chest with 1x Solemn Offering inside.


Go back and turn right, you'll have to face 1x Faceless Clerik and 1x Brether of Synod. You can use the Baliztozooka to incapacitate the Faceless Clerik and deal with the Knight. After you defeat them, go through the opening on the wall and you'll find a small campsite guarded by 3x Brigand. Once you defeat them, you can pick up 1x Roasted Rat and a chest with 1x Scripture of Repent and 1x Golden Bell.


Exit the campsite and you'll find 1x Faceless Clerik and 1x Brether of Synod. Defeat them and go up using the ramp located behind the Faceless Clerik.


There are 5x Brigand and 1x Sturdyman on top of the ramp. Defeat them and pick up 1x Inferior Moonshine, 1x Superior Moonshine and 1x Glimpse of Futility. Activate the lever and you'll now be able to activate the door leading to the Dim Gate.


Head down the ramp and continue ahead. Defeat 1x Brether of Synod and 1x Sublime Brether. There's an open area and a giant column. Head right and defeat 3x Obsidian Wraith to pick up 1x Scripture of Euphoria.


Continue ahead and you'll see a teleporter leading back to the Dim Gate entrance. Before using the teleporter, look behind you and use the ramp to get on top of the column. At the other side of the column you'll find 1x Large Bolt. Head back and use the teleporter.


Walk to the middle of the stairs. You'll notice that all torches are now down. Stand on top of the golden switch and the door to the Dim Gate will open.



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    • There is an item that is technically in the Eternal Narthex but only becomes visible once you reach the Dim Gate. It can be seen from 2 locations, the first being: go down the stairs 1 level from Dim Gate to Eternal Narthex, turn left towards the teleporter near the Bronze Bell then look up. A teleporter and item can be seen. It can be viewed better once you progress further through the Dim Gate, in the room with the Lever that gives you a Glimpse of Disdain. Continue to the left-hand window at the end of the room and look down (not straight down) and you can see the mentioned teleporter and item.

      Anyone know how to reach these? I have played this game for many hours and only just noticed this.

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