Temple Grounds is a Location in Mortal Shell. Carved into the earth and outfitted with cruel steel, the inner passages sprawl without reason.
Originally intended to keep out the unworthy, it now ensures that those afflicted with fear cannot escape.


Temple Grounds

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Full Temple Grounds Walkthrough

Once you enter the crypt, you will find Sester Genessa, an Anvil, and a statue holding the Smoldering Mace. Talk to Sester Genessa and then read the book. A fight against Hadern will begin. Once you defeat him, you will acquire the Smoldering Mace.


Continue ahead. On the next room you'll fight 4x Acolyte of Ash and 1x Herald of Faith. Pick up 1x Effigy of Tiel. On the right part of the room you can also find a Weltcap spawn area.


Continue ahead and you will see a small bridge and a ramp going down. Head down and open the tomb, you will acquire 1x Glimpse of Affection and 1x Foundry Stone (Item), which unlocks the Foundry Stone Ability. 3x Grey Ghost will spawn.


Head back and cross the bridge. As soon as you come near the bridge 1x Acolyte of Ignis will appear. Defeat him and pick up 1x Scripture of Repent. On the other side of the bridge you'll also fight 2x Acolyte of Ash. Once you've dealt with the enemies, read the "Stricken with all the ills" Inscription.


Open the door and go up the stairs. You'll fight 2x Acolyte of Ash and 1x Herald of Faith.


Continue ahead and the road will split, you can find 3x Mortal Token. Turn right and interact with the Iron Maiden to acquire 1x Glimpse of Futility.


Turn left and head down to find a Weltcap Spawn. Inside the room you'll find 1x Acolyte of Ash and 2x Acolyte of Ignis. After you defeat them, interact with the Iron Maiden to acquire 1x Quenching Acid.


Keep going and you'll find a pit. There are 4x Acolyte of Ash surrounding the pit. You can find 1x Bronze Bell on a corpse as soon as you enter the room.


Go inside the structure and turn right. You'll see 1x Unburning Flesh at the end of the room and 2x Acolyte of Ash on the right side. Defeat them and interact with the Iron Maiden on your left to acquire 1x Large Bolt.


Head to the small room located to your left. There's 1x Herald of Faith on the door and 2x Acolyte of Ignis inside. Interact with the Tomb. You'll acquire 1x Glimpse of Wisdom and 1x Effigy of Tiel. 3x Grey Ghost will spawn, defeat them.


Head back to the previous room and turn left. Defeat 1x Acolyte of Ash, 1x Unburning Flesh and 2x Acolyte of Ignis. You can sneak behind the Unburning Flesh and kill him so you only have to deal with melee enemies. You can also find a Weltcap Spawn on the corner.


Head outside and defeat 3x Acolyte of Ash. You can read the "Why Must Great" Inscription on the left part of the camp. Head upwards and interact with the tomb, you'll acquire 1x Glimpse of Futility and 1x Untarnished Mask. Head behind the tomb and you'll find Sester Genessa.



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