Enshrined Sanctum is a Location in Mortal Shell. Before the faithful fled, the great hall held all manner of banquets and feasts for the forefather. In time, he grew distant and his return became unwelcome. Visitors are only greeted with suspicion and scorn now.


Enshrined Sanctum

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Full Enshrined Sanctum Walkthrough

Cross the gate and turn left. Go down the stairs and you'll find 1x Slave of Scorn, a chest with 1x Glimpse of Wisdom and 1x Mortal Token and “The First Vision Came” Inscription.


Head back using the stairs and this time go right. Defeat 2x Slave of Scorn. On the bridge you'll find 1x Glimpse of Futility and 1x Gragu. You can also find a Weltcap spawn on the other side of the bridge.


Go inside the building and you'll find a hexagonal room with 3x Slave of Scorn.


Go down the stairs and pick up 1x Glimpse of Wisdom. There is a door on the left side of the rooms that leads to a small area with 2x Slave of Scorn and 1x Gragu. Once you defeat them, you can open the chest to acquire 1x Radiant Winterglass (Item), which unlocks the Radiant Winterglass Ability.


Go back to the last room and head down using the stairs. You can find a Tarspore spawn along the way. Once you reach the bottom, you'll have to fight 1x Slave of Scorn and 1x Gragu.


Continue ahead. There's 1x Slave of Scorn and 1x Enslaved Disciple on the next room. You can also pick up 1x Glimpse of Affection.


Keep going down, you'll find 2x Slave of Scorn on the stairs and 1x Enslaved Disciple at the bottom. Once you defeat them look back and go back up using the stairs next to the wall.


Once you reach the first level defeat 1x Slave of Scorn. Turn right and go inside the cave. Here you'll find 1x Enslaved Disciple and 1x Gragu.


Continue ahead and turn left, defeat 1x Gragu to find a Tarspore Spawn. Keep going up using the stairs. You'll see an opening to your left. Go inside and defeat 1x Gragu and open the chest to acquire 1x Spectral Token, 1x Mortal Token and 1x Effigy of Eredrim.


Go back and keep going up. Once you reach the up-most area you'll find 1x Gragu and 1x Scripture of Ardor. Head inside the building and turn left, you'll see 1x Congealed Tar dropped in the ground. Keep going and you'll find the door leading back to Sester Genessa.


Head back to the bottom of the stairs. Go through the tunnel. You'll find a Weltcap Spawn, 1x Glimpse of Affection and 2x Gragu.


There is a tunnel that you can crawl trough. On the other side you'll find 1x Scripture of Ardor and 1x Black Ghost.


Keep going and you'll see a chest and 2x Black Ghost. Defeat the ghosts and open the chest to acquire 1x Quenching Acid and 1x Spectral Token. Use the opening in front of the chest to go back to where you defeated the 2x Gragu.


As soon as you head down, you will notice another opening to your left. Go inside and you'll see a chest. Be careful as 2x Nocteserper will appear as soon as you come close to the chest. Once you are done, open the chest to acquire 1x Scripture of Ardor, 1x Scripture of Despair and 1x Scripture of Repent.


Go back and head down once again. You'll have to fight 1x Slave of Scorn and 1x Enslaved Disciple. Once you reach the bottom defeat 1x Gragu and destroy the ice on the wall to uncover the chest. Inside the chest you'll find 1x Unguent Tar and 1x Etherial Diapason


Go through the tunnel and you'll reach the Martyr's Altar. You can pick up 3x Glimpse of Futility and 2x Spectral Token.




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