Controls for Mortal Shell features an overview of the game's input mechanism and its corresponding action for each platform. Listed below are the details for the PlayStation┬«4, Xbox One, and PC.


Mortal Shell Controls


PC Controls
PS4 Controls
Xbox Controls


Keyboard and Mouse

Light Attack Left Mouse Button
Heavy Attack Right Mouse Button
Parry F
Harden Left Ctrl
Dodge Space Bar
Sprint (Hold) Left Shift
Interact / Pick Up Item E
Use Quick Item Q
Next Quick Item Mouse Wheel Up
Previous Quick Item Mouse Wheel Down
Cycle Abilities Z
Weapon First Ability 1
Weapon Second Ability 2
Kick X (Requires to be unlock)
Equip Ballistazooka Caps Lock
Toggle Lock-On Tab
Open Equipment Menu I
Open Escape Menu Escape


PS4 Controler

Light Attack R1
Heavy Attack R2
Parry L1
Harden L2
Dodge Circle
Sprint (Toggle) L3
Sprint (Hold) Circle
Interact / Pick Up Item X
Use Quick Item D-Pad UP
Next Quick Item D-Pad Right
Previous Quick Item D-Pad left
Cycle Abilities Triangle
Kick Square Button (Requires to be unlock)
Equip Ballistazooka D-Pad Down
Toggle Lock-On R3
Open Equipment Menu Share
Open Escape Menu Options


Xbox One Controler

Light Attack RB
Heavy Attack RT
Parry LB
Harden LT
Dodge B
Sprint (Toggle) L2
Sprint (Hold) B
Interact / Pick Up Item A
Use Quick Item D-Pad UP
Next Quick Item D-Pad Right
Previous Quick Item D-Pad left
Cycle Abilities Y
Kick X (Requires to be unlock)
Equip Ballistazooka D-Pad Down
Toggle Lock-On R2
Open Equipment Menu View
Open Escape Menu Menu

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