Locations for Mortal Shell features the different areas that can be discovered in the game. Explore areas such as cathedrals, ruins, dungeons, and many more where you'll encounter formidable foes as you try to unravel the secrets within. This page covers a list of the locations that are encountered in the game.


Mortal Shell Locations


Tutorial Area




Fallgrim is home to for both Brigands and Ghouls. All places are connected here with the Fallgrim Tower lying at the center of everything.

Fallgrim Tower
Fallgrim Tower

The tower is all that remains, a vestige of the fledgling race and its progenitor. It holds only a memory of the forefather and his flock. The wilds encroach, grasping at the hidden names, eroding mantras once etched in stone.  

The Mist

Fallgrim is covered by a thick fog and horrific beasts come out to feast on glimpses. During The Mist the layout of Fallgrim won't change, but all enemies are replaced with Nocteserper and Grishas.

Shrine of Ash

Temple Grounds
Temple Grounds

Carved into the earth and outfitted with cruel steel, the inner passages sprawl without reason.
Originally intended to keep out the unworthy, it now ensures that those afflicted with fear cannot escape.

Monument of Ash
Monument of Ash

The remnants of the forge are decorated with monuments of suffering.
Rusted hinges squeal, thirsting for oils.
The smell of burnt flesh chokes the air.
Adorned with such artifacts, few remember their true purpose.

Sactrun of Flame
Sanctum of Flame

Once a foundry where the Metallurgists, clasped in iron, toiled beneath their taskmasters.
Their instruments remain, repurposed for the disciples who gather beneath the Immolation.
They await the liturgy of ash.


Seat of Infinity

Eternal Narthex
Eternal Narthex

A stark entrance into a ponderous synod.
A liminal space, always becoming anew, as mutable as the Revered who sits upon the Seat of Infinity.
Its past forgotten, its future unknowable.
It crumbles as quickly as it's rebuilt.

Dim Gate
Dim Gate

The inscrutable geometry belies the architect's will.
Wrought from obsidianite, impossible fragments float untethered from reality.
Each step beneath the fractured vista reveals the sublime truth of madness.

Shifting Archives
Shifting Archives

The library lies in ruins.
The sacred tablets once sought by scholars collect dust.
Only those blinded by the unfathomable knowledge could inscribe its mysteries with hammer and chisel.
These servants remain, but without insight, left to languish as faceless guardians.


Crypt of Martyrs

Abandoned Chamber
Abandoned Chamber

In these fetid corridors, the dead lay unattended.
These are not the martyr's but the damned, their bodies offered to graverobbers and scavengers.
The pious lie deep below, waiting for the Immaculate to wake from her endless slumber.

Enshrined Sanctum
Enshrined Sanctum

Before the faithful fled, the great hall held all manner of banquets and feasts for the forefather.
In time, he grew distant and his return became unwelcome.
Visitors are only greeted with suspicion and scorn now.

Martyr's Altar
Martyr's Altar

A holy chamber, where the Immaculate's presence is undeniable.
Her eternal winter preserves the martyrs, so they may serve in death.
Their mottled flesh is rendered into scriptures and passed out amongst the faithful.


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    • Actually there are 3 tokens, one is before the attack tutorial. Once I get your sword and pass into the next room turn left and look in the corner behind some rubble there is a token.

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