Location Fallgrim
The Mist
Rewards 750 Tar
6 Glimpses

Grisha is a Boss and Enemy in Mortal Shell. Grisha can be found at Fallgrim and at The Mist.


Grisha Information

  • A hostile Hulk Berserker. Its body is covered by fur and his arms extend into his hands like swords.
  • The Fog Grisha variation has the same structure but is hairless.
  • Has around 650 HP. (Tested with Martyr’s blade +5 and only using the running attack.)


Grisha Locations & Drops

  • One Grisha can be found at Fallgrim inside a cave located right after the Fallgrim Tower.
  • Another two Grishas can be found during The Mist. One is located at the big campsite located inside the valley on the right part of the map. The other one can be located beneath the giant tree on your way to the Abandoned Chamber
  • Drops
    • 750 Tar
    • 6 Glimpses


How to Beat Grisha

Grisha Boss Guide:

The first Grisha you encounter can be quite intimidating. Its attacks deal a lot of damage and his recovery speed is relatively high providing few chances to strike back.

Try to learn his attack patterns and react to them. Stay close to him and make sure to keep an eye on your Tarnished Seal so you know when he is going to perform his unparryable attack.

The best way to defeat him, is waiting for his attacks to finish and then hit him one or two times, recover and repeat. Dodge to avoid the first hit, and then use the Hardening ability to prevent the last hit. As soon as the hardening breaks, you will be able to strike back with full stamina.

Using the Hardening ability allows you to prevent the damage dealt by his attacks, but you won't stagger him or prevent his following attacks. Also note that the hardening ability won't block his unparryable attack.

Once you learn his attack patterns, you can also use your Tarnished Seal to riposte most of his attacks.

Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Two Hit Thrust: He will swipe using his right arm, and then thrust forward using his left arm. Dodge to avoid swipe, and then use your Hardening to prevent the thrust damage. You can parry this attack
Two Hit Swipe: He will swipe two times, one with each arm You can use your Hardening to avoid the damage. You can also dodge two times in quick succession. You can parry this attack
Three Hit Swipe: He will roar and move forward while performing three consecutive swipes Dodge the first two swipes and then use your Hardening to prevent the last one. You can parry this attack
Unparryable Attack: He will oar and charge forward impaling your character with both arms and then biting your head. This attacks deals very high damage Dodge forward to avoid his charge, he will be staggered for a second. This attack cannot be parried and your Hardening won't prevent it.
Leap Attack: He will charge forward and strike the ground with his arm. If you get hit, you'll get thrown into the air Dodge forward to avoid the damage. You can also run in circles and wait for him to strike.




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