Crucix, The Twiceborn

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Location Shifting Archives
Rewards 1x Glimpse of Oblivion
1x Nascent Tar
1x Knotted Gland

Crucix, The Twiceborn is a Boss and Enemy in Mortal Shell. Crucix, The Twiceborn can be found at Shifting Archives.


Crucix, The Twiceborn Information

  • A red skinned gladiator with a smaller version of himself coming out of his chest.


Crucix, The Twiceborn Locations & Drops



How to Beat Crucix, The Twiceborn

Crucix, The Twiceborn Boss Guide:


Falling into the arena safely

It is possible to fall into the arena without taking any damage. To do so, you must use 'Recollection of Knowledge' as you start falling. Your character will make the harden stomp animation and if done correctly, you will fall into the arena safely without taking any damage. Doing so allows you to save your Etherial Diapasons.

Phase 1

During Phase 1, he will be able to perform both melee and ranged attacks. The main body will handle the melee while the lower body will perform ranged attacks.

The best strategy is to remain close to him and bait his melee attacks to counter them. You can use your hardening to prevent most damage and strike back.

When confronted from range he will use his ranged attacks, run erratically to avoid them. He can also dodge backwards and start using his ranged attacks. It's very hard to avoid the arrows while running towards him, so it's best to remain away and avoid the arrows.

When you deal enough damage he will fall to his knee, but his smaller version will still be able to attack you.

When his health drops below 25%, he will start using his Jump Attack.

Phase 2

When his health drops to 0% for the first time, he will lose his helmet and shield. His smaller version will die, and he won't be able to perform ranged attacks.

His recovery time will be significantly higher and you will have very small windows to attack him. You will now be able to run away to recover health and attack with your Ballistazooka.

If you have enough ammo, you can use the Ballistazooka to damage and stagger him. This is the easiest and most safe strategy but will require that you have enough ammo.

While confronting him in melee, you'll have to rely on your hardening to create windows to attack. Using your dodge won't provide enough space to attack.

When you deal enough damage he will fall to the ground. Use this chance to deal as much damage as you can.

When his health drops to 33% he will gain a new attack.

Phase 2 Cheese: Stay at medium range. Begin a running attack and harden midway through. Wait for Crucix to hit you, triggering your attack on him. Immediately roll away and kite him until harden recharges. Again, running attack and harden, roll clear. Rinse and repeat until you fall asleep or Crucix dies.

Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Phase 1 (100% Health)
Charge Attack: He will charge forward using his shield throwing you to the ground This attack is unparryable, try to dodge to either side to avoid it and strike back
Three Hit Combo: He will perform two swings (one with the axe and one with the spear) and the thrust forward with the spear You can use your parry to cancel the combo. You can also use your Hardening to prevent the last strike.
Ranged (Quick): He will shoot three consecutive times with his bow while he remains standing. Run erratically to avoid the arrows. You can also remain harden to prevent the damage.
Ranged (Slow): He will kneel and use his shield to protect himself. Then, he will start shooting 11 arrows in slow succession from a distance Try to remain as far away as you can and avoid the arrows. Wait until he stands up and go forward to attack him
Phase 1 (25% Health)
Jump Attack: He will jump where he is standing, perform two ranged attacks from the air and then rush towards your location dealing damage when he lands. When he shoots use your hardening and remain like that until he lands. Once he does, strike back
Phase 2 (100% Health)
Thrust and Chop: He will thrust you with his lance and then use his axe to chop you down. This attack is unparryable and deals massive damage. Try to stay away from him until the attack ends.
Kick: He will kick you, throwing you to the ground. This attack deals no damage. You can dodge to either side or use your hardening
Three Hit Combo: He will swing each weapon one time and then strike with his lance from above. You can use your parry to cancel this combo. You can also use your hardening to prevent the damage of dealt by the last attack and strike back
Phase 2 (33% Health)
Lance Swing: He will swing his lance in front of him, and then strike the ground multiple times You can parry the first strike to cancel the attack, the second part is unparryable. Use your hardening to avoid the damage or roll backwards.




Notes & Trivia

  • The optional soundtrack for this bossfight is "Welcome to Hel" by Rotting Christ.
  • If killed in The Virtuous Cycle DLC, Twin Sister describes him as "broken like you and me" and tells you that Crucix was desperate and dying when he prayed at the alter and was reborn twice. 





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