Enslaved Grisha

Location Abandoned Chamber
Rewards 750 Tar
6 Glimpses

Enslaved Grisha is a Boss and Enemy in Mortal Shell. Enslaved Grisha can be found at Abandoned Chamber.


Enslaved Grisha Information

  • A Hulk Berserker equipped with swords as hands and a cage as a helmet. He is more agile than a normal Grisha.


Enslaved Grisha Locations & Drops




How to Beat Enslaved Grisha


Enslaved Grisha Boss Guide:


He will charge at you as soon as you enter the battlefield, this attack is unparryable so roll either left or right to avoid the charge.

Once he recovers he will start performing his attacks. Most of the attacks he performs has two strikes. You can use your Hardening ability to prevent the damage and strike back, parry them or dodge.

If you are using your dodge, try to roll forward and stay behind him. Run backwards and repeat.

If you deal enough damage he will fall to his knee, use the opportunity to deal as much damage as you can.

Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Head Slam: He will smash his head forward into the ground two times Run backwards and wait until he smashes his head for the second time, then approach and attack him.
Dual Strike: He will perform a quick slash with his right arm and then a forward thrust with his right arm Dodge right, wait until he is about to perform the thrust and then dodge right again. Attack him as soon as your dodge is over. You can also use your hardening to avoid both attacks.
Stalactite Strike: He will jump upwards and strike the ground. You will hear a crack and after a short period of time a Stalactite will fall dealing damage. After the attack is over, smaller stalactites will fall around the battlefield for a short time. Dodge his strike and then run behind him to attack. Run across the battlefield to avoid the stalactites. This atta
Three hit Combo: He will perform two consecutive strikes while moving forward, and then he will perform a forward thrust. Try to run backwards and wait until he performs the third strike to run near him. You can also try to parry the first strike and breake his combo.




Notes & Trivia

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