Ven Noctivagu

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Location Fallgrim
Rewards 356 Tar
2 Glimpses

Ven Noctivagu is a Boss and Enemy in Mortal Shell. Ven Noctivagu can be found at Fallgrim.


Ven Noctivagu Information


Ven Noctivagu Locations & Drops

  • Ven Noctivagu can be found inside a cave at Fallgrim. Search for the campsite with 2x Melee Fanatic playing the Lute. Head right and destroy the branches on the wall. Crawl inside the cave to find him.
  • Drops:


How to Beat Ven Noctivagu

Ven Noctivagu Boss Guide:

Ven Noctivagu has the same attacks as a normal Nocteserper. Light attacks stagger him, so you can stay near him, hit him a couple of times, fall back and repeat.

His attacks can poison you. You can use health Consumables to heal back up or if you are familiar enough use Tarspore before the fight to become immune.

When you gather enough resolve you can use the Tarnished Seal to perform a riposte on most of his attacks.

Try to save your hardening for his unlockable attack. Your Tarnished Seal will glow red when he is about to perform it.


Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Leap Attack: This attack is unlockable. He will jump to your character and bite you. Your Tarnished Seal will glow red when he is about to jump. Use your hardening to prevent the damage (He will still kick you to the ground but you won't get any damage)
Three hit combo: He will use his claws to perform a quick three hit combo forward Run backwards or use your hardening to stagger him.




Notes & Trivia

  • Its name likely comes from the Latin words Vena (vein) and Noctivagus (Night Wanderer).
  • Killing it in the Virtuous Cycle game mode grants you the Vampire Hunter instinct, awarding you 15 Glimpses. 




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