The Unchained

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Location Fallgrim Tower
Rewards 1x Glimpse of Fallacy

The Unchained is a Boss and Enemy in Mortal Shell. The Unchained can be found at Fallgrim Tower.


The Unchained Information

  • The Old Prisoner will release himself from captivity after you deliver him all three Glands. He will then try to ascend, but discover that you are the one destined to do it. He will then become hostile towards you.


The Unchained Locations & Drops


How to Beat The Unchained

The Unchained Boss Guide:


He has a very large health pool and many attacks, but they are usually slow and predictable. Learn his attack patterns and how to respond.

Wait for his slide attack, dodge or use your Hardening Ability and then strike back. Keep dealing damage until he drops to 90% Health.

Once he has 90% health he will summon Ads to attack you. Make sure to kill the ads before dealing with him. Ads can be killed in a single strike or you can use an AoE Ability. The Ads to not always appear immediately at 90% and there is a chance to get the boss to 30% before they spawn.

His Wave attack can be problematic because you'll have to deal with the Slide Attacks and waves at the same time. Focus on dodging through the first wave, then dodge the slide attack and then dodge the second wave. You can also dodge the first wave and then simultaneously dodge and harden through the second wave and slide attack.

If you manage to deal enough damage he will fall to the ground. Make sure to let your stamina recover or deal as much damage as you can before he recovers.

When his health drops to 30% he will create a whirlpool and consume Ads to recover health. Use this opportunity to heal and load your Ballistazooka. Once he comes out you can shoot him to deal high damage and stagger him.

Once his health drops below 10% he will spam the Wave Attack and Slide Attack. Make sure to keep your offensive or you won't have a chance to strike back.

Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Phase 1 (100% Health)
Slide: He will jump backwards and then slide towards your location and slash you with his arm. You can either use your dodge or Hardening to prevent the damage. You will have a small window to strike back
Tail Attack: When you attack him from behind, he will use his tail to attack two times. Use your Hardening to prevent the damage and strike back
Jump Attack: He will dive into the pool, the jump into the sky and jump over your location You won't be able to track him while he is in the sky. Use your Hardening and wait until he lands.
Slash: He will perform a wide swing with his arm. This attack is unparryable. Use your Hardening to prevent the damage and strike back
Beak Attack: He will perform a quick strike with his beak You can parry this strike if you are fast enough. You can also use your Hardening
Phase 2 (90% Health)
Summon Ads: He will strike the ground and copies of the Foundling will start spawning from the outside. Focus on destroying the ads first. The copies can deal a lot of damage but are very weak. You can use an AoE Ability to get rid of them.
Wave Attack: He will slam the ground and two consecutive waves will spawn from his location. The waves deal damage and throw you to the ground The best wait to avoid them if by using your Hardening. You can also roll towards the wave to get pass through it.
Roll Attack: When you attack him from the side, he will roll over you and the roll back, dealing damage each time. Use your hardening to avoid the first roll and then run away to avoid the second one.
Phase 3 (30% Health)
Whirlpool: He will dive into the pool and create a huge whirlpool at his location, dragging both you and any ads inside and dealing damage per second. He will heal a portion of health for each ad he consumes. Run away as far away as you can to avoid the whirlpool. Use the opportunity to heal or to load your Ballistazooka to strike back when he comes out. It is also a viable strategy to play around the edges of the whirlpool in order to kill ads before they can heal the boss.
Spin Attack: He will spin in a 360º angle dealing AoE damage. Use your Hardening to prevent the damage.




Notes & Trivia

  • The optional soundtrack for this bossfight is "Χ Ξ Σ (666)" by Rotting Christ.
  • The ads he spawns appear to be Foundlings in Dark Obsidian form. The weapons they wield is visually similar to the Martyr Blade, only with barbs along the blade and crescent blade near the tip. This may relate to Unchained's title of The Dark Father, used in the trophy list.  
  • The Unchained was originally highly cheesable, able to be reliably stunlocked with combos and weapons arts and prevented from summoning ads, but this has since been patched and currently (2022) it is impossible to prevent him from summoning ads during the fight. 





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    • The Hammer and Chisel's heavy weapon skill can 100% stun him when he's just pulling towards you. You won't stun lock him out of anything, but It can open him up to be swung at. Did this on my No Shell Obsidian run to guarantee the win.

      • Can confirm, he can be cheesed. I discovered this completely by accident and convenient timing. To be honest, I actually regret beating him this way. I feel a ******eated out of a long, difficult boss fight. This totally prevents him from acting beyond his first two or three attacks.

        If you want to totally ruin this fight for yourself, here's how:

        You'll need Harros, with Accretion of Resolve and Accretion of Endurance (the abilities that decrease Harden cooldown, and boost stamina regen while hardened). Maybe this can be done with other weapons, I didn't test it as this literally just happened for me after a dozen attempts to kill this guy, but use the Hallowed Sword. It'll need to be fully Acid upgraded, and have a Molten Spike attached. Grab the Forbidden Offering from the Corrupted Sester (in the area where you find Eredrim, to the left and behind the stone ramp leading up to the Eternal Narthex, if you didn't know). Golden Bell will definitely help, but isn't necessary.

        When the fight opens, dodge through his sliding attack. R1-R1-R2, harden after the R2 hits. He'll either roll around, beak attack, or tail swipe depending on where you were in relation to him, doesn't really matter. If it's the roll attack, make sure to avoid the second hit too. R1-R1-R2, and you should have almost 2 bars of Resolve. If you have the Golden Bell, you'll have more than 2 bars. Let him jump away, and he should slide attack again without any waves. Repeat the same combo: R1-R1-R2, harden through attack, R1-R1-R2. He should be stunned. Make sure you avoid his head when he enters his stun animation as it can strangely enough damage you, despite not actually being an attack. You should have enough stamina to get a few hits in, maybe an R1-R2, pause for stamina, R1-R1. As he's coming out of his stun animation, as his head picks up and before he leaps away, Molten Spike that sucker: L2+R2. Get your hits in, same combo, and he should be around 30% afterwards. Now, you'll need either luck or very good timing. He'll come out of the stun and immediately dive into the water where he'll create a whirlpool. Knock him out of the dive right as he hits the water with a Molten Spike again. One last combo, and he's down.

        I got absurdly lucky and just barely caught his tail on his dive into the whirlpool when I discovered that he could be knocked out of it. It was an accidental button press as I got caught up in the combo. After a dozen tries, getting used to his wave attacks, realizing I had to double-dodge (roll) through them, managing the waves of adds, trying different items to help out, he was beaten without a chance to do any of that. No parries, no ballistazooka, no adds, no waves, no whirlpool, or healing, damage taken, anything. Absolute cake walk, completely by mistake.

        TL;DR: you can stun-lock him with weapon skills as he comes out of the previous stun, and knock him out of the whirlpool-creating dive with them.

        • I can confirm, he's cheesable. I used Harros with Hallowed Sword +5, the only really necessary skills are decrease harden cooldown and increase stamina regen while hardened. Use a Golden Bell for Resolve boost, and make sure you have the Forbidden Offering from the Corrupted Sester. Dodge his initial slide, R1-R1-R2 combo. Harden early for increased stamina through his follow up attack, then R1-R1-R2 again. He'll leap away and repeat his slide, shouldn't be any waves this early. Repeat the same combos, and if you're lucky, he'll be stunned, and you'll have 3 bars of Resolve. If he isn't stunned, just repeat the combo one more time and he should be, though you'll have to watch out for waves. Make sure you avoid his head when he enters stun animation, because apparently it can damage you (at least it did for me on XBox). R1-R1-R2, then as he's coming out of the stun animation (as his head is raising), Molten Spike and he'll be stun-locked. Repeat the combo, and he should be below 30%. He'll jump into the air to dive into the water and create a whirlpool. You can either hit him with another Molten Spike right before he does, or if you're very lucky, hit him as he's diving and knock him out of it. R1-R1-R2-R1 and he's dead. No adds, whirlpool, or healing, and he should only get off 2 or 3 easily avoidable attacks.

          • Probably the longest boss fight ever, I guess would've been a bit shorter if I had a Ballistazooka and this dude didn't regenerate half his health bar but still best fight of the game for me at least..

            • The whirlpool (not whirlwind) will suck up the Ads that he summons and each one that makes it to the bottom gives him health. You can get in the whirlpool and kill them and still be able to get out

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