Glimpse of Fallacy

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Effect Gain Glimpse or Unlock Corrupted Shell Skin
Location Fallgrim Tower

Glimpse of Fallacy s a Key Item in Mortal Shell. Glimpse of Fallacy can be used to gain Glimpse or Corrupted Skins for Shells and is acquired by defeating The UnchainedKey Items can be used to progress through the main campaign or upgrade your equipment.


Thin, oily fluid drips from this malformed glimpse. This glimpse is a sinew of tangled sensations. A newborn's wings flutter as ancient roots stretch deep below the earth. The sky stretches out, a vast pool of light and color, daring the beholder to drink deeply, endlessly


 Glimpse of Fallacy Use

  • Used for unlocking the Corrupted Shade by feeding it to Gorf or gaining a large amount of Glimpse


Where to Find Glimpse of Fallacy


Glimpse of Fallacy Notes & Tips

  • Can only obtain 1 per game cycle normally
  • However, it seems repeating the final boss, but refusing to ascend , then defeating him again will give you one each time, allowing you to farm them without having to do multiple NG+ cycles.





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    • Can anyone please explain how anyone uses this to gain more glimpses? There doesn't seem to be anything that explains what method is used to do so and it would help quite a lot if someone made a guide as to how one uses the Glimpse of Fallacy for this purpose.

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