Petrified Winterglass

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Weapon Martyr's Blade
Resolve 2

Petrified Winterglass is one of the Martyr's Blade Weapon Abilities in Mortal Shell. Petrified Winterglass requires 2 resolve to be activated. Players will first need to unlock Petrified Winterglass at an Anvil by using Petrified Winterglass (Item).


 Petrified Winterglass Use

  • When used the Martyr's Blade will be imbued with Ice, freezing enemies when you attack them.
  • While using Petrified Winterglass, your character will be immune.
  • Good for both multiple and individual targets.
  • Rather than a timed buff,  this buff actually expires after a certain number of landed hits.  Swinging your weapon and hitting the environment will also consume buff charges.


How to unlock Petrified Winterglass

Petrified Winterglass Notes & Tips

  • Because this buff has no allotted timer, it can be very efficient to use this ability before consuming either a Roasted Rat or Rotten Food.
  • This ability can be chained somewhat reliably on the same enemy over and over again.
  • Other notes...




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    • It only works on heavy attacks. The first one will freeze the enemy (not tested on bosses) and the second seems to have a bonus damage for ''breaking'' the iced target (just a little bonus, though). Also, it has no time to end as you consume the ability only when attacking (light or heavy, so i wouldn't recommend using light attacks with this skill). The immune ''While using Petrified Winterglass'' aplies during casting. MAY YOU ALL HAVE A GREAT GAME!!

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