Clockwork Lute

clockwork lute

Clockwork Lute is a Unlimited Use Item in Mortal Shell. The DLC is needed to access it.

 "An intricate lute with a strange mechanism."
"The whirring-pieces of this lute echo with surprising warmth. But it should be noted that no
amount of automation can improve a rotten performance."


 Clockwork Lute Use

  • Lure nearby enemies
  • Unlock new Shades after giving Gorf the needed Items
  • Unlock the Achievement "Lute Hero" after collecting all of the 3 available Lutes


Where to buy

  • DLC only: In the upper level of the Tower. After unlocking all Shells and Weapons, Hadern will spawn, sitting in a corner. After defeating him, he will trade with you and offer the Clockwork Lute for 5000 Tar.


Clockwork Lute Notes & Tips

 The Lute is also available in the Reverie for 75000 Tar



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