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Location Fallgrim

Gorf is an NPC in Mortal Shell. Gorf can be found at Fallgrim. Gorf is a giant talking toad that knows how to appreciate the sounds of the night.


Gorf Information

Can be found at:

  • Fallgrim: Head right into the river located before the entrance to the Eternal Narthex. You'll find a small cave beneath a hill where Gorf can be found.
  • Speaking to him once turns the in game music off, speaking to him again turns the in game music back on.


Obtaining Shades

Players can unlock the new Shades (three per Shell and two for the Foundling). To unlock Shades, feed Gorf the items below, then play a Lute in front of him.

Shades can be unlocked by feeding Gorf the following items:

Shade 1
Shade 2
Corrupted Shade (Shells only)

Beware! if you feed Gorf his own kind (Boiled Frog), prepare to pay for it. Several Brosca will spawn and attack the player.


Gorf Notes and Tips

  • Gorf stands for "Frog" written backwards
  • If you attack Gorf it will trigger a bunch of Brosca to spawn that will attack you. 
  • Unlocked Shades can be changed in the Shell menu (or by speaking to Sester Genessa as the Foundling). Previously, you had to re-feed Gorf every time you wanted to change to a different Shade. 


Baghead  ♦  Brether Corvid  ♦  Corrupted Sester  ♦  Sester Genessa  ♦  The Old Prisoner  ♦  Thestus  ♦  Vlas


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    • That numbers don't fit.
      For the normal shell Outfits you've to Feedback him:

      5 Rats for the first Outfits.
      5 retten food for the second.

      (And I don't know if you don't have rotten food I heard it's 10 rats)
      But what I said about the first 2 Outfits is 100% legit! Did it YEASTERDAY

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