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Location Fallgrim Tower

Thestus is an NPC in Mortal Shell. Thestus can be found at Fallgrim Tower. Thestus is always hungry for another Glimpse. He can summon or cancel The Mist at will.


Thestus Information:

  • Thestus will appear at the second floor of the Fallgrim Tower after you recover the first gland.
  • If you pay him 1 glimpse, Thestus will summon or cancel The Mist at will. Traveling to another region (such as with the ornate mask) or dying while in the Mist at this point (i.e. while not carrying a Gland) will reset the world state and cancel the Mist. 
  • Thestus won't cancel The Mist while you are carrying a Gland.
  • While inside the Mist, the Fallgrim layout won't change, but Enemies will be replaced by Nocteserpers and Grisha.
  • You can Farm Glimpses by defeating both Grisha mini-bosses located in The Mist.
  • During The Mist you will also be able to open the Frog Chests scattered around Fallgrim.


Where to find Thestus


Thestus Notes and Tips

  • Thestus is the brother of Brether Corvid and forms part of a quest if Corvid is spoken to while in the Harros shell.


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