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Location Fallgrim

Baghead is an NPC in Mortal Shell. Baghead can be found at Fallgrim. Baghead is a friendly brigand, who encourages an easy and simple life


Baghead Information:

  • A friendly brigand that encourages an easy life.
  • Baghead allows you to unlock a secret ending, for which you'll get the Brigand Life Achievement.
    • Talk to him while carrying a Roasted Rat. He will ask you if he can have it, say yes.
    • Talk to him again while you are carrying a Superior Moonshine, and he will ask you if he can have it. Say yes once again.
    • If you speak to him again he will offer you to stay with him to enjoy an easy life for ever an ever. If you agree, a cinematic will play where you sit next to him playing the Lute. You'll be able to see images of Fallgrim and some Fanatics being over-run by Ghouls. The credits will play and you'll teleport back to your last checkpoint.


Where to find Baghead

  • Can be found at:
    • Fallgrim: You can find him sitting on top of a hill above Gorf, next to a Frog Chest.


Baghead Notes and Tips

  • If you speak to him wearing Tiel's Shell, he will have a unique dialogue.
  • If you speak to him wearing Harros' Shell, he will have a unique dialogue.
  • If you speak with him using your Foundling form, he will have a unique dialogue.
  • The secret ending is available in both Fallgrim and The Mist.
  • Can be encountered as a miniboss in the Reverie named Evil Baghead. He is essentially a regular bandit with higher health and poise. If defeated, he drops an Instinct named We Were Never Friends, granting 15 glimpses.


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