The Old Prisoner

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Location Fallgrim Tower

The Old Prisoner is an NPC in Mortal Shell. The Old Prisoner can be found at Fallgrim Tower. The Old Prisoner is an old and powerful being, captured by the Tarnished Seal.


The Old Prisoner Information:


Where to find The Old Prisoner


The Old Prisoner Notes and Tips

  • He is the brother of Solomon. If you talk to him while using Solomon's Shell, he will have unique dialogue.
  • He has unique dialogue if you talk to him while you are the Foundling.
  • As well as The Unchained (his boss name), he is also referred to as The Dark Father in the trophy list.
  • He provides additional dialogue on Sester Ganessa (if spoken to without a Shell) as well as the Corrupted Sester (who he claims tried and failed to perform the forbidden Rite of Transfiguration, leading to her being outcast).


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