Quenching Acid

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Effect Can be used at the Workbench to increase the Weapon Strength, increasing its damage
Location 1x Eternal Narthex
2x Dim Gate
1x Abandoned Chamber
1x Enshrined Sanctum
1x Fallgrim
2x Fallgrim Tower (Vlas)
1x The Mist
1x Temple Grounds
1x Monument of Ash
8x Sester Genessa (New Game + )

Quenching Acid is a Key Item in Mortal Shell. Quenching Acid can be used at the Workbench to increase the Weapon Strength, increasing its damage and can be found at many Locations listed below. Key Items can be used to progress through the main campaign or upgrade your equipment.


A rare acid used to enhance weapons. Fallgrim is a crumbling, remnant of a fledgling kingdom. Amongst the ruin, few weapons remain that aren't chipped and rusted. Yet by some miracle, this quenching acid restores them.


 Quenching Acid Use

  • Can be used at the Workbench to increase the Weapon Strength, increasing its damage.
  • Quenching Acid can be used up to five times (+5) on each weapon on normal mode and up to ten times (+10) in New Game Plus . Subsequent playtroughs will allow players to upgrade weapons by +5 each cycle , to their max of +35 at NG+6


Where to Find Quenching Acid

  • Can be purchased from Vlas for 2500tar icon mortal shell wiki guide 25px (2 in Stock)
  • Can be purchased from Sester Genessa in New Game Plus for 10 Glimpses (8 in Stock)
  • Eternal Narthex
    • 1x can be found inside a chest just before the area where you find the torch guarded by Ranged Mistresses on the right part.
  • Dim Gate
    • 1x can be found at the Dim Gate. Go back using the elevator and the teleporter. Head to the other side and use the teleporter. You'll see a ramp heading down.
      NOTE: Unless you have the Recollection of Knowledge ability unlocked, you won't be able to survive going back after acquiring the Quenching Acid. (The survivability of the fall varies by Shell. Eradrim can survive the fall without the Recollection of Knowledge.)
      Head down the ramp and once you reach the bottom jump to the platforms. Keep jumping down until you reach the bottom. There you'll find a teleporter leading to a chest with 1x Quenching Acid inside. From here you can jump down to Sester Genessa.
    • 1x can be found below the ramp leading to the Shifting Archives after you meet Brether Corvid. Explore beneath the ramp to find the Quenching Acid
  • Abandoned Chamber
  • Enshrined Sanctum
    • 1x can be found next to the frozen room. Crawl through the opening to reach the other side. Defeat the enemies and open the chest to pick up the Quenching Acid
  • Fallgrim
    • 1x can be found at a small campsite located just before the burning Grisha located before the ramp heading to the Temple Grounds
  • The Mist
    • 1x can be found inside the Frog Chests located on the ramp leading to the Fallgrim Tower and Grisha Cave during The Mist.
  • Temple Grounds
    • 1x can be found inside one of the Iron Maidens at the middle of Temple Grounds
  • Monument of Ash
    • 1x can be found inside an Iron Maiden located on the right room before heading towards the Sanctum of Flame.


Quenching Acid Notes & Tips

  • Note that on NG+, Previously Acquired Weapon Upgrades are converted into Quenching Acid. This gives you an additional 8 Quenching Acids. Defeating the 3 Hadern Weapon Boss Fight in NG+ also gives you 3 more Quenching Acids. Adding the 8 New Buyable ones added to the Inventory of Sister Genessa and you get 19 More per playtrough on NG+.
  • If a player acquires the 11 Quenching Acids in their first playtrough, then acquires the (11+19 = 30) ones on NG+, they should have 41 Quenching Acids, enough to upgrade all four weapons to their +10 Max By the end of NG+, with one to spare.
  • With the addition of the Axatana in Virtous Cycle DLC, it will now require 10 more quenching acids to max all five weapons. As such player will have to reach NG+++ to max all weapons.
  • Also note that each NG+ cycle increases the max level of the weapons by +5, up to a maxium of +35, meaning with five weapons, it will require +25 new Quenching Acids per playtrough to keep it's full arsenal at max level...
  • This means a DLC player that has gotten the 11 Quenching Acids from NG and the 30 Quenching Acids from NG+ (41 total, 1 unspent) would require 10 supplementary Quenching Acids to upgrade his new Axatana to +10 , then another 25 to take all 5 weapons to +15 (the NG++ max level)... Even though a NG++ playtrough will only provide 30 (but you might have 1 to spare from previous difficulties). As such a player should be 4 short of maxing all weapons after NG++, thus requiring a NG+++ run to fully level everything...


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