Crystalline Gland

Crystalline Gland
Effect Can be used to unlock the Seal Infusion - Crystalline ability of the Tarnished Seal.
Location Martyr's Altar

Crystalline Gland is a Key Item in Mortal Shell. Crystalline Gland can can be used to unlock the Seal Infusion - Crystalline ability of the Tarnished Seal and can be found at Martyr's Altar after defeating Tarsus, The First Martyr. Key Items can be used to progress through the main campaign or upgrade your equipment.


Hard as stone, this gland thaws slowly.

A crystallized gland, nearly translucent, reveals a void filled with nothing but bright, cold light. The glowing core holds a strange allure, turning the mind toward rapturous reminiscence. 


 Crystalline Gland Use


Where to Find Crystalline Gland


Crystalline Gland Notes & Tips

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