Molten Spike

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Weapon Hallowed Sword
Resolve 2

Molten Spike is one of the Hallowed Sword Weapon Abilities in Mortal Shell. Molten Spike requires 2 resolve to be activated. Players will first need to unlock Molten Spike at an Anvil by using Molten Spike (Item).


 Molten Spike Use

  • Press R1 and L1 (LB and RB) to use, when activated, a burning spike will come out from beneath the sword and the character will jump forward inflicting high damage and applying the burning effect.
  • While using Molten Spike, your character will be immune.
  • Very powerful against individual enemies. It will stagger most Bosses if you manage to land a hit.


How to unlock Molten Spike


Molten Spike Notes & Tips

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