Nocteserper is a hostile Enemy in Mortal ShellNocteserper can be found at Abandoned ChamberEnshrined Sanctum and Martyr's Altar. Players can confront Enemies to obtain Tar, Glimpses and Consumables.


Nocteserper Enemy Description

  • A Ghoul creature without eyes that feasts on Glimpses and rotten flesh


Nocteserper Combat Information

  • Nocteserpers are quick and have an unparryable attack that can deal high damage. They can be easily staggered, so using a fast weapon is advised.
  • Their attacks can poison you. 
  • Attacks:
    • Claw Attack: They will quickly attack forward with their claws.
    • Pounce Attack: This attack is unparryable. They can jump towards the player biting the neck and dealing high damage. You can avoid the damage by dodging or by hardening.
    • Leap Attack: This attack is unparryable. They can jump towards the player kicking them and knocking them down. You can avoid the attack by dodging or by hardening. This attack itself does not deal damage, but can throw the player off cliffs or keep them stunned long enough for other enemies to attack.


Nocteserper Location


Nocteserper Drops


Nocteserper Notes & Tips

  • Nocteserper is Latin for "night snake". 



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