Seal Infusion - Knotted

Seal Infusion - Knotted
Equipment Tarnished Seal
Key Item Required Knotted Gland

Seal Infusion - Knotted is one of the Tarnished Seal Abilities in Mortal Shell. Seal Infusion - Knotted requires 1 resolve to be activated. To unlock this Tarnished Seal Ability, bring the Knotted Gland to The Old Prisoner.


 Seal Infusion - Knotted Use

  • Spend 1 Resolve to perform an Empowered Riposte. Your riposte will throw all enemies around you into the air and slow their time for a short duration. During this time you can attack any enemy caught on the AoE.


How to unlock Seal Infusion - Knotted


Seal Infusion - Knotted Notes & Tips

  • This is a useful tool for safely gathering Resolve,  provided your target(s) has enough HP.
  • Other notes...




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