Sublime Sester is a hostile Enemy in Mortal ShellSublime Sester can be found at Eternal NarthexDim Gate and Shifting Archives. Players can confront Enemies to obtain Tar, Glimpses and Consumables.


Sublime Sester Enemy Description

  • A pale skin woman wearing black clothes, a black veil, and a tall crown. They use a giant ballista to attack their enemies.


Sublime Sester Combat Information

  • They use the giant ballista to attack from a distance. They have low health and mobility but can deal high damage.
  • Each clip holds 3 bolts. They fire 1 bolt, and then the other two in quick succession.
  • If the player is running, they will shoot the bolt adjusting to where the player will be when the bolt hits. It's best to change directions when they shoot.
  • When confronted face to face, they will use the ballista as a blunt weapon


Sublime Sester Location


Sublime Sester Drops


Sublime Sester Notes & Tips

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  • Other notes



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