Acolyte of Ash is a hostile Enemy in Mortal ShellAcolyte of Ash can be found at Temple Grounds and Monument of Ash. Players can confront Enemies to obtain Tar, Glimpses and Consumables.


Acolyte of Ash Enemy Description

  • A pale acolyte wearing gray robes adorned with red runes. They use an iron mask.


Acolyte of Ash Combat Information

  • They are very similar to Brigands, but they are way more hostile and mobile.


Acolyte of Ash Location


Acolyte of Ash Drops


Acolyte of Ash Notes & Tips

  • ??
  • Other notes



Acolyte of Ignis  ♦  Ashen Wraith  ♦  Blazing Herald  ♦  Brether of Synod  ♦  Brigand  ♦  Brigand Ranger  ♦  Brosca  ♦  Crypt Wraith  ♦  Enslaved Disciple  ♦  Faceless Clerik  ♦  Gragu  ♦  Herald of Faith  ♦  Nocteserper  ♦  Obsidian Wraith  ♦  Sester of the Order  ♦  Slave of Scorn  ♦  Stone Slinger  ♦  Sturdyman  ♦  Sublime Brether  ♦  Sublime Sester  ♦  Unburning Flesh

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