Acolyte of Ignis

Location Temple Grounds
Monument of Ash
Sanctum of Flame
Drops 85 tar_icon_mortal_shell_wiki_guide_25px
1 Glimpse

Acolyte of Ignis is a hostile Enemy in Mortal ShellAcolyte of Ignis can be found at Temple GroundsMonument of Ash and Sanctum of Flame. Players can confront Enemies to obtain Tar, Glimpses and Consumables.


Acolyte of Ignis Enemy Description

  • A heavy armored knight that exhale flames from his helmet. He wields a giant broadsword.


Acolyte of Ignis Combat Information

  • They deal a lot of damage and have a large health pool, but their attacks are slow and predictable. They are very resistent to stagger.
  • They usually spawn after you walk near them. You will notice floating ashes where they spawn.
  • Try to stay near them and use your Parry or Hardening and then strike back. Fall back to recover your hardening cooldown if you need to.
  • Attacks:
    • Heavy Strike: They will move their sword back and then perform a power strike from above. This attacks deals heavy damage and its unparryable. Try to use your Hardening or roll to avoid it.
    • Three hit Combo: They will swing their sword three times in front of them. You can use your parry to prevent the combo, or use your hardening to stagger them.


Acolyte of Ignis Location


Acolyte of Ignis Drops

  • 85 tar_icon_mortal_shell_wiki_guide_25px
  • 1 Glimpse


Acolyte of Ignis Notes & Tips

  • ??
  • Other notes



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