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Location Enshrined Sanctum
Martyr's Altar
Drops 76 tar icon mortal shell wiki guide 25px
1 Glimpse

Gragu is a hostile Enemy in Mortal ShellGragu can be found at Enshrined Sanctum and Martyr's Altar. Players can confront Enemies to obtain Tar, Glimpses and Consumables.


Gragu Enemy Description

  • An armored brute, equipped with a flail and a round shield.


Gragu Combat Information

  • They are slow and have low health, but they compensate it by using their shield. The shield is very tough and can withstand many attacks.
  • Try to sneak behind them and you can easily take them with 2 or 3 hits. When confronted, wait for them to attack and roll behind them to render their shield useless.
  • 1 kick will break their shield. 
  • Attacks:
    • Shield Slam: He will slam you with his shield. This attack doesn't deal damage, but you will be thrown into the ground for a long period of time.
    • Shield Slam & Hit: He will slam you using his shield, and then hit you with the flail.
    • Double Shield Slam: He will slam you with his shield, and then perform a forward strike with the same hand.
    • Weapon Slam: He will strike from above using the flail.


Gragu Location


Gragu Drops

  • 76 tar icon mortal shell wiki guide 25px
  • 1 Glimpse


Gragu Notes & Tips

  • It is possible to break their shield immediately in NG by hardening yourself when they attempt to use their shield-bash.
  • Other notes



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