Harros, the Vassal

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Harros, the Vassal is a Shell in Mortal Shell. Harros, the Vassal can be found at the entrance of the Fallgrim and is considered a Balanced Shell. Each Shell has 10 Abilities and its own unique mechanics.


The brigands pointed us toward the temple. Shunned by the Devout, their allegiances lie with those who offer Tar or spirits. They entertain themselves with drunken antics or violent cruelties. They know better than to attack us, but they followed us at a distance, hoping for scraps


Harros, the Vassal Build



Harros, the Vassal Description

  • This shell is balanced in both attack and defense, providing equal stats between Durability, Stamina and Resolve.
  • While playing as Harros, stay close to your enemies and keep the offensive, when low on stamina, use your Hardening to quickly recover, repel the enemy attack and repeat.
  • All Weapons are a good choice for Harros, but The Hallowed Sword is an excellent choice due to its stamina consumption, attack speed and abilities.
  • Harros has a chance to obtain more glimpses and use them to heal back:
    • Two of his abilities provide the chance to gain an additional glimpse by killing Enemies. This can be combined with the ability to heal back when picking up a glimpse to help with survivability,
    • Harden in the air to create a devastating area of impact upon landing. Foes killed by the blast may drop an additional glimpse. Allowing you to heal back and increase level progression.
  • Harros's abilities increase his Hardening capabilities:
    • His Hardening cooldown is 25% lower,
    • While using Hardening your stamina regenerates faster allowing you to attack, Harden and then as soon as you get hit, continue attacking,
    • Hardening cooldown resets after quickly killing two enemies, allowing you fight against multiple enemies,
    • Hardening defense last twice as long after broken, allowing you to manage multiple enemies and to tank through slow Boss attacks.



Harros, the Vassal Stats



Where to find Harros, the Vassal

  • Harros can be found at the entrance of Fallgrim. As soon as you come out of the cave after the Tutorial Area turn left and you'll find Harros Shells dropped on the ground.



Harros, the Vassal Abilities


Accretion of Dominance

1000 6 For a short Time after hardening, enemies killed have a chance to drop an additional glimpse

Accretion of Resolve

2500 15 Hard cooldown is reduced by 25%

Accretion of Endurance

3000 20 Harding causes Harro's stamina to rapidly refill.

Accretion of Ascent

500 2 Killing two enemies in quick succession resets your harden cooldown.

Accretion of Inheritance

1100 8 Hardening lasts for twice as long upon being broken

Accretion of Foresight

500 2 Picking up a Glimpse has a chance to restore some health.

Accretion of Yearning

1100 8 Adds a chance for enemies to drop an additional glimpse on death.

Recollection of Knowledge

2500 15 Harden in the air to create a devestating area of impact upon landing. Foes killed by the blast may drop an additional glimpse.

Recollection of Strength

1000 6 Put your enemies off balance with a powerful kick.

Recollection of Death

4000 25 Regain last chance upon defeating enough foes.


Harros, the Vassal Notes and Tips

  • Harros met his ends at the hands of lowly brigands. Mortally wounded, he would cross paths with a "cultist" who knew his name and story, but could not save him from his injuries (heavily theorized to be Solomon). Harros, in his paranoia on hearing his name spoken by this stranger, killed the cultist and continued on, eventually ending up where you found him, having died from his wounds.
  • Dialogue from the Twin-Sister in The Virtuous Cycle DLC implies that a knight (likely Harros) used the Molten Spike of the Hallowed Sword to extract her and The Foundling from their mother, who he left to die.
  • Brether Corvid recognizes Harros and gives you a questline if spoken to while in his Shell. Note that seeing the questline through to the end only rewards you with a Glimpse of Futility, rather than the larger glimpses you've been Fedexing around Fullgrim for him and his brother Thestus.


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