Tiel, the Acolyte

Type Light
Location Abandoned Chamber

Tiel, the Acolyte is a Shell in Mortal Shell. Tiel, the Acolyte can be found at Abandoned Chamber and is considered a Light Shell. Each Shell has 10 unique Abilities and its own unique mechanics.


They foretold a truth more terrifying than any other. Those who glimpse it behold no monster other than an utter lack of meaning. The visage of a razor thin line between existence and nonexistence and nothing in between.


Tiel, the Acolyte Description

  • A light shell with a high stamina pool. It has a unique shadow dodge mechanic which is very useful to move around and avoid enemy attacks. It has low health and relies on dodges for survivability.
  • Most Tiel abilities are related to poison, providing both poison damage and resistance.


Tiel, the Acolyte Stats

  • Durability: 3/10
  • Stamina: 10/10
  • Resolve: 3/10 (2 Bars)


Where to find Tiel, the Acolyte:


Tiel, the Acolyte Abilities:


Accretion of Foresight

On Empowered Riposte, Tiel will sometimes release a poisonous cloud.

Tar: 700 tar_icon_mortal_shell_wiki_guide_25px     Glimpses: 6 glimpse_icon_mortal_shell_wiki_guide_25px

Accretion of Ascent

20% Chance to lose stamina instead of HP on taking damage.

Tar: 800 tar_icon_mortal_shell_wiki_guide_25px     Glimpses: 9 glimpse_icon_mortal_shell_wiki_guide_25px

Accretion of Endurance

Gain a damage bonus when low on stamina

Tar: 750tar_icon_mortal_shell_wiki_guide_25px     Glimpses: 4 glimpse_icon_mortal_shell_wiki_guide_25px

Accretion of Resolve Tiel
Accretion of Resolve


Tar: ???  tar_icon_mortal_shell_wiki_guide_25px     Glimpses: ??? glimpse_icon_mortal_shell_wiki_guide_25px


Accretion of Inheritance
Accretion of Inheritance


Tar: ??? tar_icon_mortal_shell_wiki_guide_25px     Glimpses: ??? glimpse_icon_mortal_shell_wiki_guide_25px

Accretion of Dominance Tiel
Accretion of Dominance


Tar: ??? tar_icon_mortal_shell_wiki_guide_25px     Glimpses: ??? glimpse_icon_mortal_shell_wiki_guide_25px

Accretion of Yearning Tiel
Accretion of Yearning

Taking poison damage heals you for a portion of the damage which would have been dealt.

Tar: 900 tar_icon_mortal_shell_wiki_guide_25px     Glimpses: 9 glimpse_icon_mortal_shell_wiki_guide_25px

Recollection of Death
Recollection of Death


Tar: ??? tar_icon_mortal_shell_wiki_guide_25px     Glimpses: ??? glimpse_icon_mortal_shell_wiki_guide_25px


Recollection of Knowledge
Recollection of Knowledge


Tar: ??? tar_icon_mortal_shell_wiki_guide_25px     Glimpses: ??? glimpse_icon_mortal_shell_wiki_guide_25px

Recollection of Strength


Tar: ??? tar_icon_mortal_shell_wiki_guide_25px     Glimpses: ??? glimpse_icon_mortal_shell_wiki_guide_25px



Tiel, the Acolyte Notes and Tips



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