Hadern, the Deliverer

Durability 6/10
Stamina 7/10
Resolve 3/10

Hadern, the Deliverer is a Shell in The Virtuous Cycle DLC for Mortal Shell. Hadern can be found on the second floor of Fallgrim Tower after collecting all four weapons. Each Shell has 10 Abilities and its own unique mechanics.

You can visit Hadern for the Boss variation.


I found the seedlings wriggling in the earth. In my palm, they writhed helplessly. Their hide mottled and dried like dead leaves before falling away. These creatures grew soft and flesh-like, wrinkled like my own hands. They blossomed into something strange yet familiar.


Hadern, the deliverer Build

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Hadern, the Deliverer Description

  • This Shell is only available through the The Virtuous Cycle DLC.
  • Hadern is unique in that he can acquire and activate any one ability from each of the four other Shells after unlocking the respective Accretion abilities. This allows for a deeper level of customization and flexibility with builds. However, activating a skill incurs an additional cost of Tar and Glimpses, on top of unlocking the respective Accretion ability. As such, Hadern is currently the most expensive Shell to invest resources in.


Hadern, the Deliverer Stats



Where to find Hadern, the Deliverer

  • Hadern can be found on the second floor of Fallgrim Tower after collecting the Smoldering Mace, Martyr Blade, and the Hammer and Chisel weapons. You can then talk to him and will then be prompted to "One Last Glimpse" which will be a final battle with Hadern himself using his weapon, the Axatana. Defeat this two-stage boss battle to unlock his shell for the Foundling to use.



Hadern, the Deliverer Abilities

The following is a list of Hadern's abilities. Note that for abilities that 'recollect' abilities from other Shells, you will be able to choose from one of 6 abilities to activate. These can be changed at any time but will incur their Tar and Glimpse costs with each change.


Accretion of Resolve

1,100 8 Hadern is able to enhance one of his other abilities.

Accretion of Endurance

1,000 6 Hadern gains a Deflect stack upon parrying an enemy. Stacks are lost upon being separated from your shell.

Accretion of Ascent

1,100 8 Hadern is able to recollect one of Harros's abilities.

Accretion of Inheritance

2,500 15 Hadern is able to recollect one of Solomon's abilities.

Accretion of Yearning

500 2 Hadern is able to recollect one of Eredrim's abilities.

Accretion of Foresight

500 2 Hadern is able to recollect one of Tiel's abilities.

Accretion of Dominance

3,000 20 Hadern gains a Riposte stack upon riposting an enemy. Stacks are lost upon getting damaged.

Recollection of Knowledge

2,500 15 Hadern can Harden in the air.

Recollection of Strength

1,000 6 Hadern can either kick or throw knives

Recollection of Death

4,000 25 Hadern gains an ability upon defeating enough foes.



Hadern, the Deliverer Notes and Tips

  • You do not need to fully upgrade the four weapons to unlock him. Only the base weapons are needed to be able to talk and fight Hadern
  • After defeating Hadern, be sure to talk to him to unlock his weapon; the Axatana
  • Hadern is very versatile as he can unlock abilities from the other shells and make his Parries even more powerful and buff-inducing. That said, be sure to save Glimpses up for the right ones you want to unlock
  • Hadern is able to access Sester Genessa's store by pressing "Q"
  • When choosing a skill with Hadern from another shell, the Tar and Glimpse requirement is halved, so keep that in mind




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