Martyr's Blade  is a Weapon in Mortal Shell. Martyr's Blade is a heavy and slow blade that provides long reach and deals massive damage. Martyr's Blade can be found at the Abandoned Chamber.


A two-handed sword, achingly cold to grasp. 

A remnant from a long dead empire. The First Martyr reserved this greatsword for heretics, but the blade fell upon many pious necks. In time devotion was not enough, the Enshrined whispered of new sins and new foes hidden within their ranks.


 Martyr's Blade Description

  • A heavy and slow blade that provides long reach and deals massive damage
  • Can be used both against multiple and individual targets
  • The Petrified Winterglass ability allows you to freeze enemies when you hit them, allow you to deal with other enemies or recover your stamina, while the Radiant Winterglass ability provides AoE control for larger groups.
  • This weapon is very slow and consumes a lot of Stamina, so most of the time you'll have to rely on your hardening to prevent damage
  • Tiel is a good choice for a glass-canon build. Providing a large Stamina pool and the unique shadow dodge mechanic, it compensates the downsides of this weapon.
  • Eredrim is also a good choice for a tank build. Due to his large HP pool you won't be worried about getting hit while you deliver massive damage and stagger enemies with most hits. The Accretion of Dominance allows you to deal massive damage to Bosses and Elite enemies.


 Martyr's Blade Abilities


Where to Find Martyr's Blade

  • Can be found at the Abandoned Chamber. Interact with the book next to the statue and defeat Hadern to acquire the Martyr's Blade.



Damage without Combo Bonus versus Brigand / Sturdyman

  Light Attack Heavy Attack Running Attack
Base Damage 11 17 30
+5 Acid 41 47 60


Martyr's Blade Notes & Tips

  • Heavy and Charged Heavy attacks deal massive poise damage, able to stagger all enemies easily.
  • Light attack starters and Heavy finishers sweep in a near 360 degree cone.
  • The running attack is the most powerful attack the sword has, but also uses the most stamina.
  • A Heavy into a Running Heavy is the fastest way to deal with singular foes; you can perform the Running Heavy the instant the Heavy lands.
  • Charging all Heavy attacks increases poise damage, this also applies for Running Heavies.
  • Most Elite enemies will stagger on 1 Charged Heavy, Bosses range from 2-3.
  • It is possible to hit enemies with the same attack twice. Hardening right before the blade lands can cause an enemy to still be hit from the initial damage frames. Unhardening will likely cause the enemy to be hit again.
  • Running Heavies can hit enemies behind you.
  • The second and third lights of the LLL combo deal more damage.
  • Using charged heavies can stunlock most enemies.
  • Other notes...





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