Hammer and Chisel

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Abilities Perfumed Censer
Foul Censer
Location Eternal Narthex

Hammer and Chisel  is a Weapon in Mortal Shell. Hammer and Chisel is a fast weapon that consumes low stamina and deals low damage. Hammer and Chisel can be found at Eternal Narthex.


The only tool fit to write of eternity. Though innocuous in appearance, it is only by these tools that the Twiceborn etched histories and scripture upon the sacred tablets. Beneath the hammer's blow, reality itself bends and breaks.


 Hammer and Chisel Description

  • A fast weapon that consumes low stamina and deals low damage but poisons enemies.
  • The poison can be useful for hit-and-run strategy and to endure prolonged fights such as Bosses fight.
  • The hammer can stagger enemies, which combined with its fast attacks can often stun lock enemies with consecutive attacks.
  • The Perfumed Censer ability provides you crowd control while the Foul Censer allows you to deal with single targets and bosses which makes this weapon a good choice for most situations.
  • This weapon is best used as a fast hit-and-run weapon and is suitable for all Shells


 Hammer and Chisel Abilities

  • Perfumed Censer: When used, your character will spin forward dealing damage to all enemies on an AoE
  • Foul Censer: When activated, the character will perform a ranged attack by hitting the chisel with the hammer. This attack deals very high damage to the first target it hits.


Where to Find Hammer and Chisel

  • Can be found at the entrance of the Eternal Narthex. Interact with the book next to the statue and defeat Hadern to acquire the Hammer and Chisel.



Damage without Combo Bonus versus Brigand / Sturdyman

  Light Attack Heavy Attack Running Attack
Base Damage 6+6 14 22
+5 Acid 27 22 30


Hammer and Chisel Notes & Tips

  • ??
  • Other notes...




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