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Abilities Transformation
Dash Strike (Katana)
Axe Flurry (Axe)
Location Fallgrim Tower

The Axatana is a Weapon in Mortal Shell. The Axatana is a versatile weapon that transforms from agile dual blades into a large and powerful axe. The Axatana is available with The Virtuous Cycle DLC and can be found at Fallgrim Tower after acquiring all other weapons and then defeating Hadern one last time.


A pair of twin blades, crafted to transform into an axe. An exquisite invention of unknown origin. The twin-blades are notable in their own right, but the mechanism by which they combine offers up near infinite possibilities in battle.


 Axatana Description

  • A versatile weapon that can transform from agile dual blades into a large and powerful axe.
  • The Axatana excels in both single target and multitarget encounters. In Katana mode, the Axatana offers swift, whirling strikes that keep enemies at bay. In Axe mode, the Axatana trades speed for more powerful, deliberate strikes but retains its crowd control capabilities with wide, arcing swings.
  • The Axatana can be transformed at any time, including mid-combo which allows for a very versatile approach to combat.
  • The weapon transformation does not require stamina or resolve and provides invincibility frames throughout its animation, meaning it can be used as a panic button to prevent damage if you are about to be caught in an attack and unable to otherwise dodge or harden. 
  • Dash Strike is a purely single target ability that deals tremendous damage and can be executed from medium distance. The Axe Flurry has some multitarget capabilities, hits several times and is great at taking out larger opponents and their companions, if any.
  • The weapon is extremely powerful and can complement any Shells and playstyle. The Hadern Shell is recommended for added versatility with his customizable abilities.


 Axatana Abilities

  • Transformation: Can be activated at any time to transform the weapon from dual katanas to two-handed axe and vice versa. This ability can be performed mid-combo. You are invincible through the entire transformation animation. 
  • Dash Strike (Katana): When activated in katana mode, the shell disappears into a mist, dashes forward and performs a powerful dual slash. This ability, despite the smoke animation, does NOT provide invincibility frames, so caution must be used when using it. Depending on the attack, you can either perform the move, but take damage or even be knocked out of the move entirely, taking damage and wasting resolve. 
  • Axe Flurry (Axe): When activated in axe mode, the shell performs two spinning strikes, leaps in the air and culminates in a devastating falling slam attack. Unlike the katana weapon art, you are invincible through the entirety of the attack animation. 


Where to Find Axatana

  • The Axatana can be found by first acquiring all other Weapons by defeating Hadern. Once all weapons have been acquired, Hadern can be found on the second floor of Fallgrim tower. Defeat him one last time to acquire his Shell. Speak to him once more and he will offer you the weapon.


Axatana Notes & Tips

  • Only available with The Virtuous Cycle DLC.
  • The katana's running heavy attack is a highly damaging multi-hit spin attack. 
  • Due to its transformation, the Axatana does not have a First Weapon Ability, so Accretion of Resolve (Hadern) requires you to select Consume only 1 Resolve for Second Weapon Ability to gain any benefit.  
  • The Wanderer's Cowl item can be purchased from Hadern for 2500 tar, allowing you to switch from a different weapon to the Axatana at will.





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