Smoldering Mace

Smoldering Mace
Abilities Foundry Stone
Awakened Stone
Location Temple Grounds

Smoldering Mace is a Weapon in Mortal Shell. Smoldering Mace is a long reach weapon that deals high damage. Smoldering Mace can be found at the entrance of Temple Grounds.


Ashes drift from the mace's smoldering head.

This mace bears an inscription: "Righteous fire may only be wielded by a disciple consecrated by wrath and fury.


 Smoldering Mace Description

  • A long reach weapon that can perform wide swings. Most attacks are slow to charge but fast to swing.
  • Best used against multiple enemies.
  • The Foundry Stone allows you to deal with multiple enemies when they get too close, while the Awakened Stone provides a burning effect that allows you to deal more damage to Bosses or Elite enemies during prolonged encounters.


 Smoldering Mace Abilities

  • Awakened Stone: When activated, your character will hit the ground with the mace creating a small AoE that deals high damage and apply the burning status effect.
  • Foundry Stone: When activated, the Smoldering Mace will be imbued with flames, applying the burning effect to any enemy that gets hit.


Where to Find Smoldering Mace

  • Can be found at the entrance of Temple Grounds. Interact with the book next to the statue and defeat Hadern to acquire the Smoldering Mace.


Smoldering Mace Notes & Tips

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