Smoldering Mace

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Abilities Foundry Stone
Awakened Stone
Location Temple Grounds

Smoldering Mace is a Weapon in Mortal Shell. Smoldering Mace is a long reach weapon that deals high damage. Smoldering Mace can be found at the entrance of Temple Grounds.


Ashes drift from the mace's smoldering head.

This mace bears an inscription: "Righteous fire may only be wielded by a disciple consecrated by wrath and fury.


 Smoldering Mace Description

  • A long reach weapon that can perform wide swings. Most attacks are slow to charge but fast to swing.
  • Best used against multiple enemies.
  • The Foundry Stone allows you to deal with multiple enemies when they get too close, while the Awakened Stone provides a burning effect that allows you to deal more damage to Bosses or Elite enemies during prolonged encounters.


 Smoldering Mace Abilities

  • Awakened Stone: When activated, your character will hit the ground with the mace creating a small AoE that deals high damage and apply the burning status effect.
  • Foundry Stone: When activated, the Smoldering Mace will be imbued with flames, applying the burning effect to any enemy that gets hit.


Where to Find Smoldering Mace

  • Can be found at the entrance of Temple Grounds. Interact with the book next to the statue and defeat Hadern to acquire the Smoldering Mace.



Damage without Combo Bonus versus Brigand / Sturdyman

  Light Attack Heavy Attack Running Attack
Base Damage 11 28 22
+5 Acid 34 50 45


Smoldering Mace Notes & Tips

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  • Other notes...





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