Effect Deals 40 poison damage over 16 seconds.
Those familiar gain immunity to poison damage for 120 seconds.

Tarspore is a Consumable in Mortal Shell. Tarspore can be consumed and provides the following effect: "Deals 40 poison damage over 16 seconds. Those familiar gain immunity to poison damage for 120 seconds". Consumables can be dropped by Enemies or found inside chests and crates.


A noxious mushroom often mistaken for a Tar deposit. This fungus offers a curious rush of nausea and delirium, often resulting in false visions. It's a convincing imitation of Tar, though highly toxic, but then again aren't all of pleasures?'


 Tarspore Use

  • Deals 40 poison damage over 16 seconds. (Familiarity 1)
  • Those familiar gain immunity to poison damage for 120 seconds. (Familiarity 2)


Where to Find Tarspore

  • Tarspore spawns can be found across all Locations, and they provide 1x Tarspore every 5 minutes.
  • Dropped by


Tarspore Notes & Tips

  • ??
  • Other notes...
  • Because there are just.. no tips for Tarspore... here is one. The Triel shell has a node that heals him for a portion of poison damage he would take if poisoned or hit by some poison attack. You could not use Tarspore for a while then use it only when you really need to as a sort of back up healing option. (Untested by myself. Worth a try.) 



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    • Unfortunately, Tarspore does not heal Triel. It makes logical sense, but it doesn't heal... I don't know why... unless it heals it before familiarization, but I checked when I was already familiarized with the item on familiarize level 2, so I'm not sure.

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