Scripture of Ardor

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Effect Next parry poisons enemy on success. (Familiarity 1).
Familiarity with the verse strengthens the effect of the poison. (Familiarity 3)

Scripture of Ardor is a Consumable in Mortal Shell. Scripture of Ardor can be consumed and provides the following effect: "Next parry poisons enemy on success. Familiarity with the verse strengthens the effect of the poison". Consumables can be dropped by Enemies or found inside chests and crates.


 A barely legible prayer, dotted with stains. May vengeance steady your hand with righteous anger. In this den of thieves, murderers, and monsters, there is but one answer, one god, and her name is written in blood.


 Scripture of Ardor Use

  • Next parry poisons enemy for a total of 14 poison damage on success. (Familiarity 1)
  • Familiarity with the verse strengthens the effect of the poison to a total of 31 damage. (Familiarity 3)


Where to Find Scripture of Ardor


Scripture of Ardor Notes & Tips

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