Untarnished Mask

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Effect Recalls you back to Sester Genessa.
Those familiar with the mask gain one bar of resolve for on use. (Familiarity 2)

Untarnished Mask is a Consumable in Mortal Shell. Untarnished Mask can be consumed and provides the following effect: "Recalls you back to Sester Genessa". Consumables can be dropped by Enemies or found inside chests and crates.


 A sester's mask of seamless white stone. To be ordained, a sester must give up her name, even her face. Donning the mask, encourages a news sort of kinship, a connection to a greater spirit and to all sesters. In unison, their voices emanate from within the mask, welcoming the wearer.


 Untarnished Mask Use

  • Recalls you back to Sester Genessa. (Familiarity 1)
  • Those familiar with the mask gain one bar of resolve for on use. (Familiarity 2)


Where to Find Untarnished Mask


Untarnished Mask Notes & Tips

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